Does the US Provoke Wars?

What’s this? I remember air support during the civil war, and Wagner forces on the ground after Gaddafi fell

I’ve always felt Taiwan should try to maintain the status quo, and that the US should maintain its commitment to support Taiwan’s defense, directly if necessary.

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so does your opinion about this differ from what is happening in Ukraine?

A little I guess. We don’t have the same kind of longstanding commitment to Ukraine, but Russia’s invasion is such a clear threat to the West and geopolitical order that the West has to stand united in supporting Ukraine. It was also an unprovoked attack in my view, and I greatly respect Ukraine’s determination to defend itself.

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attack on one democracy is an attack on all democracies doctrine is something I follow, but I just don’t think the germans and europeans would be willing to show support for Taiwan. I think there is so much more at stake for many of the European countries to lose out on the Chinese market. The germans would barely pull their asses together to help Ukraine.

I have a feeling a lot of countries would rather just not deal with it. I wonder if all the chatter of the 2025 attack on taiwan comes to fruition. I hope it’ll be all peaceful between the 3.


Dunno but their weather balloon is spying on USA haha :laughing: i like China’s front sometimes.

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You’re probably right. Maybe we could rely on support for sanctions and things like that. Ultimately the US military is going to be the key factor. It’s good to see more regional support developing. I guess that reflects China’s more aggressive posture.

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How about joining international organizations? I can see how Putin would be unhappy with status quo changes like joining the EU and NATO, but Ukraine is a sovereign nation so he can go f*ck himself

For Taiwan, status as a sovereign nation isn’t so clear. I too favor the status quo, but how about political developments that are technically changes to the status quo? Like joining the CPTPP?

Would this not be the same for Chinese invasion of Taiwan, perhaps more so?

I think Taiwan should pursue such opportunities, but it seems very difficult to achieve for obvious reasons.

I think that’s fair to say!

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According to this freelance YouTuber/analyst, Xi’s intention was always pretty obvious. Her research and presentation is very good and very serious. This is a serious analyst even though she doesn’t work for any institution.

Xi at a young age was in Deng Xiao Ping’s inner circle with regard to CCP plan’s to take Taiwan. He was present in Deng’s receiving a KMT defector (林賢順 - 维基百科,自由的百科全书), who flew an F-5 from Taiwan to defect to China. At that time Jiang Zemin and Hu Jintao were merely low-level bureaucrats that Deng did not even know about. (My comment: it is confirmed, no secrete now that Xi thinks of himself Mao incarnated and holds very little respect for Jiang and Hu.)

Xi in his early years was often photographed in military fatigue, likely a sign that he saw himself as a military guy more so than a politician, according to the YouTuber.

Seymour Hersh (the investigative journalist who broke the My Lai Massacre story) begs to differ:

It’s his first substack story and it’s a good one…can’t wait for more!


In response to Seymour Hersh’s substack article…


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And the effort to smear Hersh, the Pulitzer Prize winning investigative journalist famous for his integrity, has begun. Screenshot from Wikipedia:


The original version, sans conspiracy theorist, has already been restored.


Forgot to mention that USA now biggest exporter of LPG. Umm coincidence?
Fracked LPG destroy your country’s environment for cash.

China used it as propaganda because that already was a Chinese propaganda before Dore repeated it on FOX. China then uses the clip to justify its own propaganda. It’s the typical propaganda cycle, which is painfully easy to see through.

It took you 6 days to come back with just repeating that people you don’t agree with are voicing “propaganda”. That is a cycle alright.

Democrat administrations have consistently been internationalists since Clinton. Republicans administrations are all different. You got Bush 1 (realist) Bush 2 (neoconservative), Trump (whatever the hell he is).