Does the US Provoke Wars?

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Can’t disagree, exactly. If anyone else on the MSM believes Canada needs to be liberated, they’ve either got not enough balls or too much sense to say it publicly

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Whatever. Tucker is an idiot, that’s not in question. We have larger questions at the moment besides whether we’re going to invade Canada or not. Comes with the territory!

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Alright, I take that back somewhat… he does stand behind what he believes - which seems to be saying whatever, no matter how nonsensical, as long as it drives the outrage and ratings. I mean, you really think he cares if M&Ms are sexy or not? well, fine, bad example - that weirdo creep just might care, but you get the point. :wink:

Or at least, he doubles down on what he says :laughing:

haha, just looked up tucker and m&m, and they’re really going to town with this. started with a nice corporate statement…

then they went to town.

Tucker is killing the ratings like no one in the market. He could put on anyone he wants. Do you get the point?

Nobody wants to watch cable news anymore?

no way. old people still want to watch cable news.

Everyone at the State Department was running around trying to figure out who did it. There’s no way the US was involved.

The State Department wouldn’t know if the Russians blew up new jersey probably.


Invade Canadia and take their…their…ice.

Definitely not the overpriced milk!

On the plus side, the 51st state of Canada would become the largest state by area in the union and maybe first or at least second in population.

Or, the provinces could become states

there’d be more power as 1 state, like CA or NY.
but, I know we’re all joking except for that former bowtie wearing guy

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They’re just reverting to type. Why, back in 1940 the Democrats were opposed to that nice Mr. Hitler invading countries, while the Republicans were saying not to get involved. The more things change…

so what’s your actual stance on the China Taiwan issue? keep status quo? stay out?

You don’t need to go back that far in time. How about that invasion of Libya that brought back open slave markets?


What’s this? I remember air support during the civil war, and Wagner forces on the ground after Gaddafi fell