Does your SO bite?

Just curious cause I’ve dated a few local women and all of them have this weird habit of turning a playful nibbling session into a full on bite fest. Once this girl got so wild I had to pull myself away fearing she would draw blood. “Sweet jesus! Stop!” But she had this weird looking in her eye. I’m not joking. All I could think of was that I was dating a mad dog. I talked to my friend in China who dates a lot of Chinese guys and she says she’s had the exact same experiences. Any biters out there care to share their feelings on this subject? I’m looking at you Two Navels.

Yeah, the wife is a biter. So were several of my girlfriends. Some of them do indeed get a bit carried away with the game (ouch).
Bite her on the ear real hard and show her who’s boss. :wink:

My girl bites.

But only if I ask real nice-like. :wink:

Mine sucks. :saywhat:

Any theories as to why (half-baked or otherwise)?

Why do they bite? I’m no expert, and I realize you’re speaking of a different age bracket, but maybe some of this is relevant. :idunno:

[quote]The literature suggests that biting may be a normal developmental phase for infants and toddlers, with virtually no long-lasting developmental significance. Once a child turns 3 years old, however, biting may indicate other behavioral problems, especially if the biting incidents are frequent. . .

For infants, developmental theorists suggest that biting is probably a form of exploration–infants use their mouths to explore because it is one of the most developed parts of their bodies. Biting in infants may also be a primitive form of communication; it is likely that the infant does not connect biting to pain experienced by others (Claffey, Kucharski, & Gratz, 1994; Marlowe, 1999; Oesterreich, 1995). Infants also are impulsive and lack self-control; some babies may bite simply because something is there to bite; others bite when they are excited or over-stimulated. . .

Toddlers, Oesterreich claims, do not have the language necessary to control a situation, or their attempts at communication are not understood or respected. Biting becomes a powerful way to communicate with and control others and the environment. Biting demonstrates autonomy and is a quick way to get a toy or attention (Oesterreich, 1995). Many toddlers display extreme ranges of emotions, both happy and sad, and they lack labels for communicating these emotions. . .

toddlers may also bite when they experience a stressful event, a particularly distressing lack of routine, or inadequate adult interaction. According to Claffey, Kucharski, and Gratz (1994), toddlers may be more apt to bite if they have not interacted with adults for more than 5 minutes. Other toddlers may bite as a self-defense strategy, or they may simply be imitating other toddlers who bite . . . [/quote]

Mine does.

Because sex is no fun without pain.

No, actually I only bite if the guy really likes it. Chances are that if the guy has eight piercings in his back or wherever he’s going to like it. When I still had my other piercing I got bitten all the time too.

Or if he seems kind of dead and in need of waking up. But I’ve given up on one night stands so I don’t really need this tactic any more.

Just tell her (when you’re not in bed) that you don’t like to be bitten. And you could ask her if she likes a little nibble now or again. Chances are if somebody does something to you it’s because they’re hoping you’ll do it to them. And tell her what you DO like.

Here’s the other side of the story. I (taiwanese female) don’t really know how to bite a SO, but I sure do enjoy getting bitten. Not the tear-your-flesh-out kinda bite, but the occassional nibbling on the back of the neck and shoulders is nice. I find it extremely sensual…

Maybe I should try doing the biting on a SO, and see if I get a kick out of it.

I like biting. It’s carnal. And what’s wrong with wanting to be treated like a piece of AAA Top Grade Alberta beef? Being bitten is half the fun!

Yes and yes. There is something in the Chinese culture that makes biting a good thing in both directions.

Its not on my long list of preferred options.

Interesting. No Taiwanese man I ever dated bit me. No Chinese man I dated in the States, either. Maybe it’s just the girls?

I’ve only ever bitten one guy and him only once. I was just in a strange mood, I guess. He didn’t seem to mind, but didn’t seem overly fond of it.

I was bitten by a Spanish guy once :rainbow: ! He was a real hottie!

My man always asks me to bite him. Glad to know he isn’t unique in that.

AndyO must be hard for you to enjoy a good !@#$ job then :wink:

Unless she is a lycanthrope (like some of us), she is not likely to be a mad dog . . . werecanine or werewolf, maybe, but not a dog. Or, you have been hanging out in places frequented by vampyr or their ghoals - any unusual symbols tattooed on the base of her neck, ankles, or soles of her feet? Check for pale complexion, long hair, and ethereal beauty or unibrow, above average hairiness, or such. :taz:

However, most likely, she just gets really passionate and dissociates to a degree when the moment hits. Gently but forcefully reorient her into what’s going on and let her know that while you’re into the passion, you are not into the pain or blood or what have you that comes with it. You might discuss having a safeword (other than “stop, fuck that hurts, oh the pain, gurgle, gasp, uhn”) or other signal that lets her (and you) know when the nibbling/biting is getting too rough for your comfort levels and she needs to tone it down a bunch of notches . . . safewords or gentle signals (that are very overt so as to be unmistakable) don’t interrupt the moment or the flow of the lovemaking that throwing one’s partner against a wall through reflex action based upon pain and fear would have. If it is honestly painfull in the not very erotic way, then it can get in the way of trust and comfort (two things that go well with a longterm relationship and are helpful for physical intimacy) so the safeword route might be the way to go as it allows her to be passionate and to demonstrate it physically (I’m one of the folks who believes in lovebites, hickies, and more as physical demonstrations of affection . . . well, that and basic feral marking of one’s mate as in the good old fashioned Klingon biting behavior . . . but if it gets in the way of comfort and pleasure it can do more damage than the pleasure it can bring otherwise . . . besides, sounds a bit one-sided and a man should never sleep with a woman he doesn’t trust not to physically hurt him (and vice versa). Work it out so you can both get what you want without either feeling stilted or forced to be reserved or overly cautious about what turns you on or feels natural for you.

At least she’s in the moment and gives herself over to the passion . . . not like the other end of the spectrum of the girls who basically go all limp and just lie there all passive and corpselike (not the most erotic of relationships).

Just some quick thoughts.

All the best,

Mine bites and pinches.



Maybe that’s a topic for another thread, but I asked my gay roommate if he had the same aversion to piranahs near his junk and he said, “god yes.” And like I said, there’s a difference between nibbling and mauling.

It’s cute when the guy I’m biting squeals.

Yes, alot too. I dig it, sometimes I just bite myself I like it so much! :smiling_imp:

My gf is Taiwanese and she loves biting me, at weird times too!

None of my exs did it but I never thought of it as that strange. So apparently Taiwanese girls like biting.

Well now I have a new stereotpye to spread around, wee!