Does YouTube work for you?

Haven’t been able to upload anything on YouTube for weeks. “Sending request” “waiting for…” and it never works. YouTube sucks for all I am concerned.

I think their database has become too huge, and they can’t keep up.

Anyone else having problems with YouTube? Or is it just me?

I never UL anything, but I don’t have problems watching videos.
Do you have problems ULing your videos on anyother sites?

Have you paid all your taxes?

I think the Internet has gotten too big and local routers can’t handle all the traffic. Also, I have noticed that more bandwidth is allocated to featured and frequently-watched items.


Were you replying to a post of mine where I wrote “I think YouTube has gotten too big…”??? This is really weird… I could swear that I replied to you and igorveni, but my post is gone! :astonished:

I’ve noticed in the past couple of days that a lot of sites I regularly go to are very slow.

yep… me too… I have the same rubbish 2.5M down speed from Los Angeles to Taichung (even though I pay ChungHua for 8M) according to, but even still for the last few days I’ve been unable to connect to many of the US sites I frequent without lagging and buffering… youtube has been almost unuseable since they sold it, they only really give a damn about the US and EU users anyway… Sunday afternoons, when I most need my ADSL connection (which I obviously pay for) to watch MotoGP races (on a pay per view site that I pay dearly for), ChungHua speeds are so slow that it takes minutes to download even a simple .jpg file let alone streaming over 500kb/s rendering both the services I pay for totally useless… :fume: I call their service people and all I get is “signal’s fine… everything’s great… chill out… relax… look over here…” double :fume: …

It’s just ChungHua’s usual incompetance and surreptitious dumbf*ckery here in Taiwan more than anything…

Well, that answers my question. :laughing:

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I have trouble watching Youtube videos. Quite often a vid that is say 3 mins long ‘finishes’ after say 30 seconds. If I replay it, I get the same thing…can’t watch the whole thing.