Dog boarding in Tainan

Moving to Tainan in a few months. Thinking about bringing a small dog. Are there western style places to board the dog when we travel?


Hi Andy, I’m not sure what your requirements are but while looking for boarding for my big (40lb) and unruly dog (more like clueless) I learned a few things about what’s available in Tainan.

First - the gem we found. It requires a Chinese speaker. MrDuan in YongKang is a fantastic guy, very dog savvy, and he board dogs for short or long term. He trains, as well, but our dog didn’t fit the training requirement (basically he said ‘not worth it’ as the dog is good enough and a bit old to have high expectations).
We kept our dog there for a month and came to pick him and finding him extremely happy, healthy, radiant coat and much thinner than when dropped off (MrDuan had told us clearly what to expect, so all of this was exactly as described). He’s something like 450/day. Discount for longer periods (our month was something like 50%). His place is a ‘country lot’ on the NE side of the city. He’s been there maybe 20 years. He had a couple “problem dogs” he was tasked with rescuing. If anyone’s up for it, I’d say it’s him. 0952 765 889

Other places I found were lovely but more suited for purse dogs.

call or write if you want more info Jane 0932 259 844