Dog Carrier (Crate)

Where’s the cheapest place to get some of these? My dogs need sizeable carriers (crates), which means big bucks at the pet stores I’ve been to.

If you know where I can get a good, cheap one or three, please let me know.


Stray Dog

Just wondering if you have found an answer to this question?


Hey, Truant.

I played with your pup yesterday - he’s great. :slight_smile:

Haven’t found cheap carriers yet. Want to buy them over time for if/when I do ever leave, but also so I can use them to transport rescues … so they can’t crap all over the back of my car like Lazarus did! :fume:

No gratitude, these dogs. No gratitude. :unamused:

Let me know if you find any.



Well I was in the Pet store here in Nankan checking things out and they had a few various Plastic ‘Airline style’ Crates. One price I could see was around 3700nt for a small/medium crate. That seems pricey to me, but as you say, they are essential for eventual transporting of dogs by air, so I’m not sure whether to bite the bullet and get one now for training etc(and eventual flying), or keep hunting for a cheaper one :s
The other trick for us is we have a ‘lucky dip’ breed, so not sure how big he’s gonna get.

Yeah, that’s tricky.

Maybe you should borrow one first. Put it out there!

He looks to me like he’s gonna be a great dane. :wink:

Sean, most inexpensive dog crates I’ve seen so far were in Linkou, take the first exit after the Taishan toll station and turn right into Linkou (left would be Guishan), you’ll see a rather large pet-shop with fish-posters etc. on the outside to your left (you’ll have to continue to the next light and make a u-turn). They usually have a small selection of crates in the shop, but can get you more and different sizes if need be. Their crates are identical to Petmate’s airline-approved Vari Kennel, not sure about theirs though as they look like copies (or maybe OEM products without the label) … Go there with somebody who can speak Chinese if you don’t speak it and haggle like hell!! Have fun, Xpet.

Thanks, Xpet - I’ll check it out!