Dog days

I’d like to know if there are any other dog owners out there that might be interested in getting together sometimes (usually Sundays). I have a Labrador Retriever that loves hikes, swimming, chasing tennis balls, and playing with other dogs. If you have a dog, and are interested in spending the odd Sunday wearing him out, post your info here. Maybe we can get a canine version of the games club going… (Owners of poofy lap dogs called snookums need not apply.) :wink:

Our 2 girls loooooooooooooooooooooooove to plaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. They are full-of-beans!! The only problem is we don’t have a car. We usually hop on the scooter and visit the nearby hills. Picture it: 2 foreigners and 2 dogs on a scooter!!! We would be interested in joining the Forumosa dog club!!

We could get a car every now and then.*

I’ve got an older dog who loves to run in fields and climb rocks, but can’t be trusted off her leash for too long. Still, I bet she’d like to tag along.

We were going to go to one of the beaches on the north West coast on Sunday. But since it’s raining we wont. I beleive the beach we went to last year was called Paisawan or something. Quite nice, with umbrellas already set up.

If the weather is nice next weekend we will go for sure! We will bring 2 dogs (10 kilo and 15 kilo) that play off-leash.Our friends have a little chewawawawa and he is game for playing too.

I have Monday off, so I think I’ll take the pooch up to Baishawan, if it’s not raining. Anyone interested?

How about next weekend?

Sunday should be ok - especially in the afternoon, but I have to clear it with the wife first. Where would you like to hangout? Anyone else want to throw their pooch into the mix?

Had a great dog day today (Monday) with my dog, Gustav, and Alleycat and his dog, Luna. We spent a couple of VERY relaxing hours at Baishawan, soaking up the sunshine. There were only a few people there, and noone was in the water, even though the waves were very small. The water was warm, the dogs were very happy and the tone has been set for a good week. Man, I love Mondays!

aaaaaaaaaaaaa…if you have another dog day at Baishawan please let me know! I haven’t been there yet but would love to go and even though my dog is still a pup I bet he’d love it too!

I also have tow dogs, one likes eating and another likes running.So one is very fat and another often not at home.“Dog day” is a good idea for me to make new friends and dog friends,we can change our experiences to each other. But I am a student , so I have to go to school on Monday to Friday and I can’t drive.It is hard to take part in your “Dog day”.I have a suggestion ,maybe we can open another edition to talk about our pets and to share our questions and experiences.That can help us to improve our knowledge and to solve some questions.

Tomorrow morning is another Dog Day at Baishawan. :scooby: I’ll be at the west part of the beach, close to the rock/coral outcropping. I think Mucha Man will be there as well. Anyone else? :snoopy:

Your post: Posted: Sun May 16, 2004 2:51 pm

…you mean Monday morning? Can’t make it! Sundays are best for me!
Also, need notice to plan transport…

See the [url= and Dogs in Taiwan thread[/url].

Maoman can’t get online right now so he has asked me to tell anyone who is interested that he will be taking his dog to Baishawan tommorow…

Have you guys ever tried the park next to the river between the Grand Hotel and the local airport (damnit, what’s the name?).

On weekends, it’s dedicated (apparently) to dogs. There are hundreds of dogs for yours to play with … and get shagged by, so be careful (more neutering would be my suggestion).

We have three dogs, so we’re always up for a canine social. Camping proved to be a winner last year.

We’re game for camping!
Sundays are good Paisawan beach days for us.
We’ll be back from Canada on AUg 21.

Our dogs shouldn’t be left out when we go and have fun. :frowning:

So, please post your ideas or experiences for days out in Taiwan with your best friend. :slight_smile:

I’ll add my own later!