Dog Food Brands

Mr. Zhen Ming Ren: 2679 2920 / 0933 162 085

This guy sells 18 kg bags of dry dogfood at 400 a pop. He also sells anti-heartworm pills at discount. He delivers just about anywhere, although I don’t know what his minimum purchase is for delivery (We have 8 dogs, so we usually buy 10 bags at a time!) [/b]

Does he sell Hills Science Diet?

Anyone know of anybody who delivers fresh meat, preferably organic or free range?

yea, what brands is he selling?

Um, I don’t know if he sells ‘brands’. I’ve only bought one ‘brand’ from him and as far as I know that’s what he sells - though I could be wrong on that, so call him and check for yourself if interested.

The brand, by the way, is “Uni-President” (統一).

Yeah, it aint no hi-caliber dog food. I’ve got 8 dogs. If it’s cheap, they’ll eat it and it doesn’t cause renal failure, it’s good enough for me!

Anyone got any faves? I used to buy an imported brand called Nutro. It’s not bad and the dog likes it. The ingredient list is also short (which I like), and the meat is in the #1 or #2 spot on the list. The only issue is Nutro is imported and more than double the price of the local brands. I also recently bought a salmon-based dog food from Costco which was cheap and of decent quality. The dog was very luke warm on it though. Are the local brands any good? I recently bought a bag of Uni-presedent’s “Go-Go,” probably a transliteration of 狗狗, meaning doggie. Dog seems to like it alright, perhaps more than the other stuff and it’s something like a third of the price. Anyone use local brands before? Any recomendations or horror stories?

This link - Pet Foods:Whats really in them and the links in the article can provide a lot of good info about pet foods and their composition.
I highly reccomend pet owners familiarize teirselves with whats in their pats food.

another good read:

Hey TS, I fed my girls Nutro Max for cats back home too. It was the one product that I felt was most wholesome and chemical-free and “natural.” They don’t carry it here, so I’ve switched them to Hill’s Science Diet.

Raw meat and bones. Plus pulped veg. Nothing better for the health of your pet.

Being a brit, we always feed our dog Pedigree, mixture of canned meat & dry dog biscuits…

There was a scare a while back when they found Taiwan was adding too much salt to the biscuits… now the biscuits are imprted from Japan, or at least I belive so…

Ohh: importantly, the dogs sh#t is firmer and less smelly… useful for those times he does not get out and ‘goes’ on the balcony.

FYI, I found this pet food, Organix, at Hydrant pet supply store, No. 4, Lane 308, GuangFu S. Rd (southern end of Capone

Does anyone have any ideas/opinions on types of dog food? I am mainly interested in dry food here.

Will it kill my dog to feed her Made-in-Taiwan President brand dog food? It is already killing my wallet to feed her the imported holistic blend.

Nutro Choice is a good quality food. Short ingredient list, basically only meat and rice.

I’d only feed my dogs local brands if I were hard up for money.

You can go to the markets and buy chicken hearts and gizzards, and pieces of pork that nobody wants. The doggies love this, and I think its cheaper, and better, than commercial dog food.

Is that possible??

I feed my dog Science Diet. I heard good things about it both from Taiwanese and Canadian Vets.

Ask them why they recommend it (profits). Then ask them if they studied pet nutrition (almost certainly not - not many vets do). Then ask them where they learn about pet nutrition (they will have the ‘Hills/Purina/Pedigree Book of Pet Nutrition’ or similar sitting on the shelf. Then ask them why Science Diet has so much grain in it and what good it does to a canine (cheap filler with no nutritional value). Then ask why it makes up three quarters of the first four main ingredients (cheap and bulky). Then ask how much protein a dog needs to be healthy (15% - 30% of the total dietary intake). Then ask how much protein is in Science Diet (5.5% - 35%). Then ask how much of that is bio-available (less than half: 2.75% - 17.5%, depending on which ‘formula’) and how taxing it is on the dog’s kidneys to extract highly cooked protein from a dry biscuit (very damaging).

Or just ask your vet why, if this food is so scientific, dogs fed it will live shorter unhealthier lives (the oldest dog in the world lived to be 34 years of age and died in 1939, a good many years before foods unfit for human consumption were baked together and marketed as a convenient food for pets - the two oldest dogs currently are both 30 years of age and live on farms [one in the States; the other, Australia] and neither has ever touched commercial pet food, instead thriving on meat and table scraps).

Science Diet and other ‘pet foods’ are brilliantly marketed and promoted by your vet to make you believe they are the healthiest things you could feed your pets, when in fact they cannot compete with scraps fed randomly and without thought. But they are very good moneymakers for the human food companies that own the ‘pet food’ companies and for the vets who can now add dental services to their sources of income, plus treatment of hip dysplasia, kidney disease, liver disease, skin disease and all the allergies that never bothered our grandparents pets, who were all fed table scraps, not highly processed commercial convenience foods.

Just a little ‘dog food for thought’. :wink:

Let me know if you’d like some more info on feeding a natural diet to your four-legged companion.


I definitely never realized the side effects of feeding my dog plain old dog food. I’d like to know more about what I could be feeding my dog to keep him healthier longer.

There is too much to write about here (but, although feeding a raw or home-cooked diet is not as easy as feeding kibble, it isn’t difficult at all).

I’ll direct you to some of my favourite sites on the subject:

The History of Dog Food

The above is from a great Web site - take a look at their Newsletter Directory for specific advice on how you can alter the diet to assist in the treatment of certain conditions.

On feeding raw

The book I use

I have had over 100 dogs pass through my door, and they have all been switched immediately to a raw diet, and it has only ever produced positive changes in the health of the animal. My cat also eats raw - she can devour a whole chicken leg, wing or back by herself.

If you have specific questions, fire away. I’ll be happy to help.