Dog friendly B and B s or hotels in Eastern Taiwan

Anyone know of a good place for a long weekend on the East Coast, anywhere between Yilan and Kending, by the water or in the mountains where one can walk and take it easy, where we could take our mutt, and they wouldn’t expect us to tie her up and put her in a cage.



…there might be something in the pets and animals forum. Do a search (use Google and the term forumosa).
Someone just started a thread on places to take your dog. Not much there yet, though. Good luck.

Please do post anything you find, as there are others in the same boat as you.

There is Chinatrust hotel in Hualien, just by the harbor that says its dog friendly. And this B and B in Kaohsiung :

But not much more that bills itself as dog friendly.

You can try these links (in Chinese)

Click on the green box (right hand side one) to go to the B&B’s website (some have English)