Dog-friendly restaurants, etc in Taipei

I’m always looking for more restaurants, tea shops, etc that allow dogs (including medium and large dogs), whether its outdoor seating or actually letting them inside…

I sometimes go to:

Beermeister, outdoor seating, in the back of New York, New York (Warner Village)

Playing (I think that’s its name), small bar with lots of outdoor seating on the corner of SongLong and JiLong Rds (can also take dogs inside)

Mr. Paco’s Pizza… in a small alley between Zhongxiao and Ren’ai Rds (can take dogs inside).

Citizen Cain, at least during dinner (not sure about later at night)

If you know of any others, please share! :slight_smile:

I’ve been to the Diner where they have an outdoor Patio… should be no problem to bring my dog there, I’ll try next time.

There is a shaved ice/ fruit juice place with small seating area inside, On ShiDa road near Taipower exit 5 around the corner, the owner has a dog there and loves dogs…so brining one is is OK.

I imagine most places with outdoor seating wouldn’t mind pets or dogs, as long as they are reasonable behaved. Other places that come to mind with outdoor seating (but I haven’t brought my dog there yet) are: Carnegies, Bongos, Night Markets (ya…I know), Peacock (in ShiDa), Grandma Nittis.

Lets keep this thread going. I gotta stop leaving my pooch home when I go eat.

Oh god, please don’t take your dog there. Maoman brought his one time, and it took FOREVER to get the manager to stop “marking” the chairs and tables after he’d left. He’s from Carlisle, you know.

Bowo Cafe. Soley for dog owners.

Zhong An jie #116
Yong He

Across from #4 park.


Grandma Nitti’s welcomes people with dogs. :slight_smile:

Any more, people? Phone numbers and addresses would be much appreciated!

I’ve taken a medium sized dog into 45 bar a few times and they seemed fine with it.
Also Carnegies seem fine on the balcony for brunch.
All the seafood places opposite Da’an park with tables on the pavement are good for dog owners too, and easy to combine with a good long walk for the dog.
I think DV8 are probably fine with the odd dog in there too - although that could just have been because the owner knows the guys behind the bar.

Should note that Carnegies is only dog-friendly on the patio – no dogs are allowed inside.

Ok, well it seems that nobody has added to this in a while and I recently acquired a dog with severe separation anxiety and would love to get some ideas on places we can take her.

Also I can share some:

The Alley Cat’s at the southern end of SongRen Rd (South of City Hall Station) has outdoor seating and we bring our dog there all the time.
Also, when facing Alley Cat’s there is a place next door (to the right) that serves more affordable (and fantastic) Chinese-Taiwanese food (with no English menu but friendly and accommodating owners). We love their veggie dumplings with a passion and they have even let us bring our medium sized pup inside.

So I hope to see some more suggestions, maybe we’ll see some of you dog lovers at these places because we’re there all the time as of now! :laughing:

I noticed a pet restaurant today actually. Its beside Jushan MRT station on the West side of the track heading northwards towards Dushing West road once you come out of the exit. Sorry, I forget the name.

Jushan MRT?
Dushing West Road?

These places do not exist. Could you possibly mean Zhishan MRT and Dexing West Road?

Jushan MRT?
Dushing West Road?

These places do not exist. Could you possibly mean Zhishan MRT and Dexing West Road?[/quote]

Arr, I know my pinying sucks. Thanks for pointing it out once again. :blush:

i would stay away from pet restaurants. i’ve been to one in tien mu, shi ling, one by that big hotel on an he rd, yong he and a few others. they were all overpriced ( 200 nt for a slice of breakfast pork patty covered in vegetables ) and served decent human food at best. they’re all packed on the weekends with people showing off their bao bei’s. i would go to a people restaurant that allowed dogs like grandma nitti’s next to shi da.

Subway on ZhongShan North, 2 blocks from the Taipei American School.
Often have lunch there with my mid-sized Poodle.

Sit in the smaller enclosed area to the left.

Walk North up Roosevelt Rd from Hsintien MRT. Turn left up the alley just past McDonalds and the gas station. There is a place about a block up for pet owners. I think that is it.

The information about pet-friendly restaurants is very helpful, but does anyone know of dog-friendly accomodations in Taipei? I will be traveling from Chiayi and will need a place that will let me stay with my dog, if possible. I would really hate having to leave him at our vet for the whole weekend… :frowning:

There are rumours of restaurants that serve dog down here in Tainan, but people are pretty cagey about details, it being illegal.

I’ve only had it once, supplied privately by a colleage, via a church group (!) he was a member of. Dalmatian. Bit fatty. Apparently the cooks pet.(edit: Perhaps “livestock” would be more appropriate in this context.)

Couple of hours later I was passing a couple of the sponsored strays on campus and they sat up and started howling, which creeped me out a little. As a foreigner I’m used to being barked at by dogs, of course (dogs are very conservative) but I don’t usually get howled at.

Sort of felt I’d broken an ancient inter-species contract.

We had a lot left over so we fed it to the dogs. No howling, so dog-eat-dog must be OK.

If a dog is inside the resteraunt, I refuse to pay. In the outside smoking area, I have no problem. I NEVER even attempt to take my pet inside. It is not only illegal but simply rude. Me and Ghengis will stay outside. He likes it better and so do I. I also think other patrons appreciate it too.

Good on yer.

I’ve seen dogs ON the table a few times (no, I don’t mean as part of the meal). Often those (usually irritating anyway) “handbag micro-dogs” but not always.

Disgusting, but the owners are clueless and/or don’t give a shit.

I must admit I’ve never kicked up a fuss (no language) but pointing and leaving without paying should work.

You’ve inspired me to do that next time.