DOG IN NEED in Tainan!

Even though we already have a dog and a cat (both adopted from the streets) living with us in our smallish apartment my wife found it impossible to not rescue a charming little guy that practically jumped on her scooter while she was at a traffic light. He’s about 5 months old and seems to have no “traffic-sense” and is scooter trained so we can only assume he’s been abandoned. He’s not loud and he loves to be held! We’ve cleaned him up and we’ll get him dewormed to be on the safe side while he’s staying here.

The problem is our place is just too small for this many pets. If anyone has the space and the time to take care proper care of him we would be so grateful. And so will he!! We can even give you the cage he uses for sleeping. Not sure of his breed but he looks like he’s got some Blue Heeler in him. He loves to play ball! :smiley:

Contact me at or call 06-260-1432