Dog kissing?

We’ve got two of what you renegade province dwellers call tugou. Lucky is almost 3 years old and Scout is about 5 months old. They get on well. Lucky’s personality has changed quite a bit (for the better) since we brought Scout home and he’s usually willing to play with her and give her a good beating. She seems to have learned from Lucky how to play bite rather than bite hard.

There’s one thing I’ve noticed them doing that I’m curious about. Scout is of course very licky. She tries to lick our faces when ever we pick her up. When she is playing with Lucky, sometimes they will stop wrestling and Scout will lick Lucky’s face. She’ll also stick her tongue in his mouth. That was no surprise since she’s a puppy. Lately, though, we’ve seen Lucky doing the same to her, licking her tongue and sticking his tongue in her mouth. Do most dogs do that? Why do they do it?

They all do it. As to why they do it…to use the punch line to an old joke…“Because they can.”

You mean Ella Fitzgerald sang. I’m pretty sure that Cole Porter wrote.

OK. I thought EF wrote it. Great song.