DOG -Maltreatment- little girl - TAIWAN


The very sad thing about this story is that she is truly convinced that she is doing nothing wrong as her DADDY told her that what she is doing is fine and is not being abusive ( or torture).
The best thing in this case is to fine heavily the parent - i mean REALLY heavily so that this DADDY can explain to his little CUTIE that when you play with any animal and you hurt them then DADDY need to give a LOT of money to the judge and that money could have been spend for some birthday gift or whatsoever.
this is truly disgusting and insane.

video is on the link


[quote]The very sad thing about this story is that she is truly convinced that she is doing nothing wrong as her DADDY told her that what she is doing is fine and is not being abusive ( or torture).
Yeah, you can’t fix stupid. Or psycho.

Fifth grade is, what, 12? Three- or four-year olds haven’t quite grasped that other animals are living creatures and might do stuff like this without realising it’s a problem. Why does a 12-year-old need to ask a parent whether something is cruel or not? Because she can’t figure it out for herself. Honestly, she’s probably got something seriously wrong with her head. Just take the pet away and give her an ankle tag instead.


Last week was very bad for pets. An aixin mama had 7 doggies poisoned. In Keelung, a dog was thrown over the balcony… from the 11th floor. Etc ad nauseum. Not to mention those caught in traps or dumped with terrible illnesses/because they are old.

The littel girl reminds me of the female Masters student who tied up her dog’s legs -also a poodle- because he was being naughty. She “forgot” and left for the day… end of story dog had legs amputated. She claimed she did not know being tied for so long could result in blood not circulating. Masters.


What is sure, is that she know exactly how to upload the video on her youtube account… all by herself

i dont really think she is stupid or psycho — just as uneducated as the parents-
i cannot blame her even if at 12 years old i was 100% on the encyclopedia my parents bought me, plus all the extra scholar activities i was in - but hey 2017 is a different world for the youth-
i still would sign for 1Million NT$ fine for the parents ( to be given to shelters) OR 6 months work in local shelter being in contact with abused pets etc… 1.5 hours every night — that is very reasonable


I disagree that this is a problem of education. Normal brain development involves developing a ‘theory of mind’ - the ability to model what other people (or creatures) experience when certain things happen to them. Empathy is built upon that. I suppose what you do with your empathy is, to a certain extent, learned. Or perhaps unlearned. However, this girl clearly doesn’t have the prerequisite for empathy. If she did, she wouldn’t need to ask if her actions are cruel. She’s asking because she genuinely doesn’t have the mental apparatus to figure it out. Just my 2c worth of pop psychology.

OTOH the fact that she did ask suggests there might be some hope of redemption.


got to agree on many points

well that is related to education - what i mean, is that uneducated parent will raise at best uneducated kids. She did asked her dad, and he failed to correct her.
Personally, i feel there is a huge and deep issue regarding pets on the island.
dogs are often carried in bags or on baby stroller just to avoid them having dirty paws and make the home dirty — just like if i tell you , i stopped feeding my fishes to keep my aquarium clean… it just doesnt make sense.
the beauty of having pets is all the experience with it… i can guarantee you that the little girl never walked her dog in a park, the beaches ( we are still on a island) or anywhere else-

regarding the ability to model what other do — ‘‘good luck’’ - what examples?? 80% of pet owners here do it the wrong way- a pet is a pet not a decorative things -

now on the point i REALLY disagree with you

i think the fact that she did ask means that deep inside her, she really knew that what she was doing was wrong and that she just needed the parents consent to go with it anyway.
(I know that iam going against what i said in my first statement — but u know what, that is what i believe right now)


I think you misunderstood:

Yeah, that’s possible. The parents certainly need a jolly good thrashing, IMHO.


100% - just read a bit about it and was totally misunderstanding the theory of mind-

completely agree
Which is strange as the only people lacking of it are autistic persons as they have more difficulties to put themselves at the place of others.
Moreover, researchers said that theory of mind appears for kid before there 4th birthday - other suggest as early as 18th month.
sorry but in french ( easier for me to really understand some specific words :roll: )

well @finley - thanks -


Either way, something is wrong with the people’s “software”, eitehr from education, the environment or from the factory, to do such illogical cruelty to other beings. Mindlessly.


If you’re treating a dog like that at the age of 12, I think it’s pretty unlikely that you don’t know it’s unacceptable behavior, unless you’re somewhere on the autism spectrum. I’d guess that what we have in this case is a budding sociopath/sadist. She knows perfectly well that what she’s doing is generally considered wrong, which is why she asked for permission from the authority figure in her life.


Well, that was sort of my point. While they may be over-diagnosed in the west, autism-spectrum disorders and personality disorders are completely unrecognised here. I suspect 90% of the cases of animal abuse, revenge attacks on ex-gf’s, and all of the similar weirdness that crops up in the newspaper once a month, is down to unacknowledged mental illness.

“Oh, we can’t understand it. He was such a good student!”


Yeah, or “Our son is so 乖, he couldn’t possibly have committed that murder-suicide.”

In Taiwan, the mental hygiene is even worse than the oral hygiene. And the social stigma is so strong that everything just gets bottled up or swept under the rug.


It’s easy to imagine a person like this one day stepping up to harming animals or people more directly. If her parents feel it’s okay, I wonder what genetic factors are involved as well.


how could i blame the girl for that when i see adults doing messed up shit to dogs all the time here?


Not pertinent to the thread per se, but my one daughter who’s the Special Needs teacher at a junior high school in Linkou and all her colleagues would disagree strongly with that characterisation, Doc.

As always, we got enough real problems going on here without blind generalization clouding the waters.


Of course I’m just speculating based on a story in the media, and my final diagnosis wasn’t autism. I’d need to have a sit-down with the patient at my office to give a more accurate armchair diagnosis. :slight_smile: You got a better theory?

Oh wait…you’re talking about the “completely unrecognized” part. There goes my reading comprehension score. I’d still like to hear your theory.


i had once a conversation on this forum about mainland chinese bad habbit etc… and my personnal conclusion was that is was due to a lack of education as we know it in our ‘‘birth’’ countries.

well i guess it is the same -

it is not because you have some good grade at school that you have good manners-
it is not because you have a glass of wine in your hand and you stick your nose in it that you really understand and enjoy the beverage.
it is not because you are in a chic restaurant and burp out loud that you are great-
it is not because you flush the toilet paper at home and drop it in the floor in public wc that you have some kind of education-
etc… etc… etc…

what i mean, it is not because she has a dog that she know how to take care of a pet.
i had my first dog at the age of 7 ( a brittany one - aka epagneul breton) - and i had to read a couple of book on how to welcome it home, train it, etc… even if my elder sister and parent are the ones who did the main training-

i just want to say that people on the island give more credit to the tendency of appearing than being- (= paraitre en opposition a etre) - which lead to people having pets without having ever study the animal or made some basic research— just to say: ‘’ i have a pet too’’

it is just not in the culture i guess or it just take more time-

personally, i always try my best not to compare my country vs taiwan ( as i am here and i love it here) - maybe that is a problem too - bringing everything in comparison to ‘‘my’’ , ‘‘ours’’ standard-

I can’t excuse this little girl, but i will blame her parents for failing to correct her ( even if i am sure that they just dont consider the dog ad a pet, but more as a cool thing to have especially if one of their friends have one)

From my experience here, i have 3 friends who have dogs:

  1. a poodle - who never go out from home
  2. a huge dog, attached in the garden- my friend is explaining me that he didnt go for a walk for more than 5 years because he can be dangerous ( :wall:) i offered him to try to train his dog but he decline my offer - saying - no need - he is happy here-
  3. a couple ( man and woman) living in a studio ( = 1 big room) with 2 Dachshund (= sausage dog) - these 2 dogs went for a walk one time with me and the guys didnt understand why they were quiet and calm while generally they are excited ( solution = patience)- they never been out since that day ( 2 years ago) and because of their small size, they cant even have a look behind the window :cry: - same couple which are planning to have a baby and leave it to their parents so that the kid can grow while they work - the plan is to visit him once a week, etc…

Having a pet is a luxury thing which requier loads of time, effort, money, tears and HAPPINESS - but here it is more as a cool thing to have

ps: i dont know if you remember the huge boom in adoption of the tibetin mastiff just a couple of years ago — well guess where the main part of this dogs are NOW???


My theory?
You should get your AC filter checked, I think you got the fungus brain.


That’s what I get for asking a raccoon for his “professional” opinion. I looked up “fungus brain” in the DSM, and it’s not in there!