DOG -Maltreatment- little girl - TAIWAN


Yea I was a fish on Fridays person myself and I agree with what you say there. I mean the fact is that is is just too easy and convenient to point the finger at someone else.


That chart seems to ignore field corn grown for ethanol production, the way they state it. Not sure of the numbers but I was under the impression that it’s significant.


Yea very interesting. I guess there would be objections to it as it would be stepping over a line in the social value system. I think that is part of why they can prosecute the cat killer, not for killing or torturing and animal, but for breaking with the accepted etiquette and context of killing and - lets face it - torturing an animal.


Yea its food crops only. Also it is eonomic output too, rather than land area. But I guess it does show more or less the extent of the feed production.

Most of the animal feed in Europe is actually grown in the US and South america. Like Finley was saying earlier that leads to the opening up of nutrient cycles - poop doesn’t go back to the soil - it just leads to eutrophication instead and depletes the soil while simultaneously killing aquatic life: gulf of mexico dead zone. Originally those animals would have been mostly grazing, not eating mostly arble crops. A big fraction of the fish catch is also fed to animals. and corn, and the corn makes the cows fart second biggest cause of climate change.