Dog of the Day 2023

Another recursive dog. I never get tired of these.








Two of them? Time for a sequel to this:

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Today is a sad day at our place.
My partner in crime for 15 years.
Have a good rest, buddy.


So sorry for your loss.


Thanks @Icon
I buried him this afternoon…then I had a good cry, now I’m a bit drunk. Tomorrow will be better.


He will always be a part of your life.


15 years is a good run

There’s a local dog that lives chained on the sidewalk, I’ve always felt sorry for him. Today I saw him and he whimpered at me, looks like he’s not only soiling himself but possibly bleeding. Lots of flies around him. The domicile where he is chained looked papered over. I saw a group of people sitting in the ground floor next door having some kind of meeting and paused until someone looked at me, then I looked meaningfully towards the dog, and they all looked away. So I kept walking

I don’t want to cause problems, I shouldn’t get involved, but I kept thinking I should take some pictures and contact some authority

Not knowing what to do, I forced myself to go back the same way and he wasn’t moving, so at least he was comfortable enough to sleep

I kinda wanted to bring him some treat, but if he dies right after eating it I don’t want to be held responsible. What to do?


Realistically, your only options are to go all-in or ignore it. You could try calling 111 and see if they have any suggestions - Taiwan’s animal welfare laws have improved a lot - but they may not have any legal way forward. I’ve heard of people being prosecuted for cruelty, but it seems relatively less common for an animal to be taken away (most likely because of the cost).

If that’s the case then your options are either (1) take the dog home, tell the owner to go fuck himself if he ever turns up (although it sounds like the dog has been abandoned), and deal with the expense and mess of an elderly, incontinent dog for as long as it seems reasonable to do so (euthanasia is pretty expensive these days) … or (2) take another route home.

It’s very hard to deal with this sort of shit. Fortunately it’s a lot less common than it used to be. Reading between the lines here it sounds like either (a) some local a-ma is bringing him the bare minimum of food and water, and you might want to find out who that is or (b) he’s on his last legs and the problem will resolve itself in 48 hours or so. It’s unutterably depressing, but sometimes that’s just the way it is.

EDIT: I think it’s 1999, not 111. I tend to post nonsense at 1am.


He had water. He looks like this might be near the end, so yeah I don’t want to take him back to my no pets allowed apartment to die.

He looked pretty bad about this time last year, and then the owners had him cleaned up a lot and he looked good. I don’t know what to do, probably best not to get involved. Thanks @finley

Just horrible people to leave him always chained like that, and not take good care of him

Toto I’m sure had a good run, lucky dog


Call police. Call animal services. Contact the animal associations. In this heat, please act quickly.

Taipei City dial 1959

Animal cruelty: 02 8789 7131

Animal Rescue Team Taiwan 0928552326


It’s so incredibly sad to lose a beloved pet its probably not far from losing a child

Dwell on all the good though and know that he will always be yours for all eternity


It’s so sad how some prople keep dogs

But most people are good

When I grew up in Taipei a lot of people had dogs
They all ran around the house

Houses in those days were mostly shop houses and most had no doors locked except at night so dogs and kids would be in and out of the house all day

Most dogs didn’t go past the same street
Less they run into dogs from another street snd fights could happen

Most kids wandered around for miles as I did

I would always buy cookies for the dogs when I got some pocket money

Each row of shop houses had so many different kinds of stores many selling candy and cookies

You could buy a few pieces at a time for one nt

Or a fifty cent piece

One store had a dog that hung out just in the front of the shop all day and this time he had a visitor

A neighborhood dog was visiting him

The owner said the dog comes by everyday to hang out with his dog just like many of his friends came by too to hang out with him snd chit chat

Many small stores even had chairs for people
To sit and chat with the owner especially shops selling tea

They would come snd chit chat and drink
Tea snd buy some of the latest offerings

It was a different time ina different world


Honorary Dog of the day

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