Dog of the Day



Look who’s having so much fun in Chicago with no boundary as the electric pet fence won’t function well on weekend.


So fluffy. So huggable.



Like I said. Fluffy and huggable.

Gimme a chest view of the brother, man!


How many of these are hanging in your closet?



None, unfortunately. And still not hairy enough.

And the brother´s chest hairs would be curly. :kissing_heart:


@Icon…only for you would I google, “reggie wstts shirtless”


Ah, still not enough hair… if I wasn´t at the office I´d show you what I mean.


It’s been a few years since anyone has said that to me :slight_smile:



The best part of having a dog in the house is the fresh eggs



Bobby was driving?


A bit like yours :blush:


his name is Charlie


Someday I will post a real dog but until I own one it can only be peripheral dog content. Anyway…

Sometimes you see some 49 NT socks that you have to buy. You know in your heart you’d just be a fool not to.


In the mall below taipei main station there is a stand that has all sort of Snoopy clothes and accessories. Saw it last sunday!


Oh I know the locations of just about every official and unofficial Peanuts merchandise shop. I have to shield my eyes when I walk past.