Dog of the Day


Untitled by Alan Schaller, on Flickr


My other dog Chanel got some new clothes for the winter. My voice is a little weird because of a cough and my nose super stuffy.


Oh , I don’t know Andrew, I quite like an American accent.:yum:





Those are very fashionable now. I got something similar for Bobby and the other day at the vet, there were 3 of our fur babies with those on.


Now that’s a trick I want to learn!


Any trick that requires dogs to stand on two feet is hazardous to their health. They can suffer very debilitating nerve damage. As an owner, seeing our pet screaming in pain is the worst.


You think the owner taught him how to do that?


Probably. Pugs avoid exertion.


Gizmo by Patounes et Moustaches, on Flickr


dog by 开 林, on Flickr


His Master's Call by john malley, on Flickr


'' White world 8/10 '' by Arnaud camel, on Flickr


Agree on such tricks, but here–pugs are insane. They go into all kinds of contortions for no apparent reason. There’s other videos of them doing this. My parents’ pug likes to frantically scoot while frantically licking the air.



Chimps are sometimes not as keen to Owls.


The best video on the interwebz and a milestone of Youtube. I wish I could setup all my voice messages with that guy’s voice.

One of my local rice field dogs.
January 2017:

Rice Field Dogs by Thomas "Bis" Passarini, on Flickr

January 2018:
Untitled by Thomas "Bis" Passarini, on Flickr

Things change so quickly, he’s more in focus now.