Dog poisoning at Bitan

There has recently been a spate of dog poisonings down at Bitan where I live. Seven dogs have been killed so far – some strays and some people’s pets. We think we know who is responsible and have contacted the lizhang, the cops and the Xindian city authorities but don’t expect much to be done.

If any of you are in the habit of walking your dog on the hill at Bitan up above the temple where the old amusement park used to be, please keep a very close eye on him or her at all times.

Damned cruel and stupid thing to do. Poisoning is not discriminate, and extremely painful.

Yesterday, I tried rescuing a dog who was being chased off a car sales lot. He was a beautiful, mostly black, young and healthy looking dog, but he was staggering and foaming at the mouth. I had to resuscitate him twice on the way to the vet, but he couldn’t be saved.

Needless. Senseless. Mindless.

I often think how poetic the justice would be if they accidentally spilled some of that arsenic in their own tea.

We think it’s a bloke who raises chickens up there. Rather than take the time to make sure his enclosure is properly secure, I guess it’s just easier to put down some poisoned bait.
I’m thinking of putting up a warning sign, including something about how people should be really careful if they have chickens, as they’re so easy to poison…

Seriously, other than what we’ve already done, is there anything else we can do? Obviously there’s no point in trying to antagonize the prick – it’s too easy for him to continue doing what he’s doing if he feels he’s been “wronged,” which wouldn’t achieve the desired results.
A sign saying “We KNOW who you are. IF it doesn’t STOP we’re COMING FOR YOU!”
Feel so fucking helpless.

I went back to the car sales room, gave them my card and a flyer, and told them that if a dog was becoming a nuisance, they could call me and I would relocate the animal for them. They said it wasn’t them, and I said I knew they wouldn’t be so stupid, and that I hoped they would tell the other car sales lot owners, who obviously were morons.

I would suggest speaking to him face to face, nicely (because the ultimate goal is to stop any more killings rather than seeking retribution), and point out that many people are angry with him because they believe he is poisoning their pets instead of putting up a fence, and that everyone is asking where he lives. Tell him that you are worried for him, and that, to let people know it’s not him, perhaps he should put up a fence to keep dogs out. Maybe casually ask who owns the land and enquire as to whether he has a legal right to farm there, as the enemies he is making must never find out if he is illegal, as they will cause him all kinds of trouble. Perhaps one of the dogs belonged to a gangster. You get what I’m saying.

Let him know you want to help him because you worry what might happen to him if another dog gets poisoned. You could introduce yourself by looking around his plot for telltale signs of poisoned meat, and tell him bluntly what you’re looking for. Tell him your neighbours are worried that their kids might accidentally get poisoned. Ask him if he knows which farmer did it and where the farmer might live (people behave very, very differently when you take the battle to their front door, or even think you may). Take some friends to help you look for that poisoned meat, just so he knows you’re not the only one who is concerned for other dogs’ and his safety.

Really no need to be overly menacing. Just let him know that angry people are looking for the poisoner.

As you can’t be sure it’s him, this is certainly the best route.

I hope the swine is caught.
My dog was poisoned. Along with three other dogs at a friend’s fenced in abode. Obviously a pack of hounds must have gotten out & menaced the neighborhood. Which was mainly farmer types on a plateau north of Puli… One such neighbor, perhaps on the behest of the others, decided to forgo or forget about the “parley”, or complaint. Instead, said villanous party chucked laced steak into the yard when all the humans were at work.

Said friend is of Ukranian/German extraction. Add in my Scot/Norse extracts, and there’s a fearsome, frantic grapplinng for means of revenge. Yet we’'ve agreed, such vengeance would be of course receeded by a general withdrawal.

Strategum is a never-ending mofo… :s

[quote=“sandman”]Seven dogs have been killed so far[/quote] :frowning: :s sigh…

I’ve let the Apple Daily Newspaper know this problem
Hope they can help.

[quote=“BiStar”]I’ve let the Apple Daily Newspaper know this problem
Hope they can help.[/quote]
Thanks, but I think a bunch of the neighbours are taking care of it themselves, according to my wife. Apple Daily is the LAST thing we need. We DO NOT want this guy to get any more angry, and a bunch of guttersnipe so-called “reporters” from Apple Daily will only make things worse.

The objective here is to get this guy to STOP putting out poison. Making him angry or making him “lose face” will only make things worse. It’s too easy for him to keep using poison.

Plus, we have absolutely NO proof that it’s him.

I think my wife will be quite likely to tell any Apple Daily rubberneckers to fuck off out of it if they show up. :laughing:

What are the neighbours doing?

Confronting him about it, I think. There are some angry locals down here. I don’t think they need or want Johnny Bignose getting in on the act. They know what they’re doing.

It’s encouraging to see locals standing up for themselves over this. Is it me, or are times a changing?

Not wanting anything seriously bad to happen to the perp, you understand; just good to know that the neighbours intend to put a stop to it.

Why can’t a ‘farm’ or housing be set up by these angry locals? Or should I assume that they do like to have the dogs roaming around because it “adds” something to the scenery?

Sandman, or anyone else, do you have an update on this situation?

I’ll find out from the wife when I get home tonight.