Dog poop everywhere

Am I the only person bothered by the large number of stray dogs and the “Taiwan land mines” they leave everywhere? Has to be a health hazard. What can we done if anything?

Three suggestions:

a) Embark on a crusade to clean up the streets (bring your pooper scooper and a very large container).
b) Organize death squads to eliminate all stray dogs.
c) Worry about something more important, like impending war, earning more money, getting laid etc.

If it makes you feel better, the fine is NT$6,000.
I am not sure if that comes out of the owner’s wallet or the dog’s pocket money.

I have the perfect solution! I will buy small, toothpick-sized ROC flags and plant them in each “Taiwan land mine” I find! I think this is an important problem – think of the summer and the heat. All that dried poop flakes off and gets in the air.

If you think it’s bad here (the poop, not the stray dogs,) you’ve never been to London or anywhere else in the UK. Also, there are far fewer stray dogs in Taibei than there were when I first got here, although I seem to have noticed an increase in the past few months. One of them has taken up residence in my flat!

Its even worse in Paris, despite the motorised pooper scoopers that run all over the city day in, day out.

Just need to bring a bag to take the Dog poop when you walk your dog.

Few years ago, there was a stray dog guarded each members safety in our street, especially in our apartment. He was so smart barking at all strangers and quite a faithfully stray dog. One day, some people drove a big truck and took all stray dogs away. I thought I should try to keep him at that moment, and quite worried about his fate after being arrested.

After the stray dog control and fines for leaving poop for other people to enjoy, it has been pretty clean in my neighborhood. Most of the time cleaner than my house!

As far as the fate of captured dogs? I am sure people will not let good protein go to waste. :smiley: