Dog training for 3 month old puppy

Well, we got a dog. We got him in the countryside (Ji An on the East Coast). We’re having trouble potty training him. Does anybody know where could maybe take him for some training?

This isn’t my first dog. But damn, this dog is one stubborn one when it comes to peeing. Pooping he has about down but made a mistake yesterday. Mostly no problem, though.

We would like for him to head out to the patio and pee on the special pads we bought for this. When I take him outside, he pees after about 10 seconds of getting on some grass.

Anyway, some professional help might be needed.

Are you in taipei ? If so taipei dog training

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Taipei dog training is fantastic.

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I’ll call them. Thanks.

The owner trained my daughter and I. The dog responded well.
Dogs really want to do everything you want. Puppies are a pain but if you put in the work, they are wonderful.