Dog Whisperer

Fairly new program from National Geographic: Dog Whisperer.

I don’t know if this is playing in Asia, but man if this guy could speak Chinese , just the dogs on Lotus Hill, and their owners, would keep him busy.

There’s a book by that title available in Page One. Stray Dog was going on and on about it yesterday.

A very happy and prosperous New Year to you as well, Aprimo. It’s been too long since you posted, girl!

Actually, it’s The Dog Listener, by a Brit lady.

I only found out after searching two book stores and calling Truant … who was in NZ at the time. :blush:

Still, The Dog Whisperer book will be out in April, according to the website.

aprimo, thanks so much for posting that link. The methods this guy teaches are having a huge impact on the dogs in my care - and on my life.

For those who don’t know who Cesar Millan is, check out these great sites:

Video clips of Cesar in action

Cesar’s tips on rehabilitating problem behaviour

If you have a dog with any kind of behavioural problem, these links are a must. :wink: