Doggy Seizure

One of my foster dogs had a seizure 2 weeks ago. He went into the garden looking fine, vomited, walked away, licked his lips and fell over shaking…eyes rolled back, peeing himself, clear foam coming out of his mouth. After it stopped he wanted to bite me. My neighbours helped me to take him to the vet, who thought it was poison.( I let him off the leash in an area full of little farms)

then on Sunday night 4am I was woken up by a doggy throwing up. I turned on the light and saw him vomiting…then all of a sudden he got stuck in one position, mouth opening reallllly wide. THen he had another seizure. I grabbed the camera so I could show the vets.

Sean took him to NTU today…they are running tests, he will go to the neurologist tomorrow. NT20 000 for an MRI is insane…why does it cost that much! Most videos I checked on Youtube has animals having fits, but almost no vomiting. With him it’s as if the vomiting triggers it. He eats like crazy afterwards. Poor guy.

here is his fit. I read about Jimipresley’s kitty. It’s so sad, you feel so helpless.

MRIs are expensive because you don’t get much change from a million bucks for the machine, and on top of that you then need trained staff to operate it and even more expensive radiologists to interpret the results.

Poor dog. My sister has lost a couple of German Shepherds to uncontrollable epilepsy.

I hope he turns out OK.

Oh, Ms Nine, that’s awful! It’s such a terrible feeling to be so helpless. That’s how my princess looked when she was having her seizures, banging her head against the walls and tearing her nails out. It looks to me like grande mal epilepsy, but I’m no expert. Doubt it’s poisoning, considering that there’s been a recurrence. I’ve seen people have exactly the same seizures, too.

Although it looks traumatic (certainly is for you), you can rest assured that the person/animal is not suffering. People with grande mal epilepsy report bliss and tranquility through the seizure. Keep the animal in a safe place during the seizure (wrapping in a towel works well) so that it can’t harm itself. Good job you did speaking calmly and reassuringly. :thumbsup:

Same with my baby. Uncontrollable thirst and hunger after a seizure are prime symptoms of epilepsy in animals.

He’s vomiting and foaming. Same here.

20 000$ is really steep. Of course, one can never be sure of the CAUSE of the epilepsy unless doing a scan (it may be from brain trauma, as many homeless animals are hit by vehicles or by nasty people). However, it’s often difficult to ascertain whether epilepsy is indeed the cause, even with a scan. My vet advised me to do the blood tests, avoid the scan and go straight to medication. Since following this advice, my baby has only had two very mild petit mal seizures. Her condition is stable and controlled. I suggest following this course of action. Look, it’s not cheap either. I spend 2000$ per month on her meds, and have to have tests done every three months. But as my vet said, why waste the money on a scan which is going to come up positive or inconclusive anyway? Go straight to the meds; if they don’t work, rethink it with your doc.

Some links: … asp?id=452

My heart goes out to you and the poor chap. It’s a helluva thing to witness. Sending oodles of good vibes your way.

All the best to you and your lovely puppy battery9. I think the MRI is the best way to diagnose the problem. I’m having one done next month for a different issue. NTU is the only place in Taiwan to have one done on an animal. They quoted me 25 000, and they don’t accept credit cards. Rediculous price. They have to anesthetize the animals as well. Lucky for us the normal vet fees are really cheap.

Poor little guy! I hope both of you are okay and that it gets diagnosed and treated, and doesn’t happen again.

thanks guys. For the time being I won’t put him on medicine, I need to see if it happens again. I also feel a lot better after watching videos on youtube of children and animals having it…they really aren’t even aware it’s happening.

Hope this is helpful:

Mine had one at Chinese New Year. Scary shit. But he seemed OK afterwards and the vet said there was nothing to be concerned about ( a whole day of tests). Mine is nearly 90 pounds – there aint no “OK boy” with a thing of that size doing the heeby-jeebies. He’s been fine ever since. I worry about the veggie garden thing, as we’re planning to move up there soon. Don’t want to have to walk him on a leash. He’s not a leash kind of doggie.

one side of the mountain is full of farms, but there are parts that aren’t. I’m pretty sure it’s not toxins because all my other dogs are OK. Also, after the first attack I didn’t take them up there, but then he had a second attack 2 weeks later, so I don’t think it was poison the first time.

Battery, so so sorry to hear poor Toudou has this problem. As Jimmy said, meds usually control this quite a bit, but you are also right in the sense that you want to be sure. Hope the prognosis is good.

Update, Ms Nege?

Sean took him to NTU on Tuesday. They did tests but say he’s in great health, so propably not poison etc. He’s going again tomorrow to see the neurologist. He’s fine. He keeps on clearing his throat(had his vocal box cut out) which is what he always does, but it sends me running to him. Been watching lots of youtube videos of seizures in children and animals. Heartbreaking. I’m happy that he was with me when it happened…it has opened up my world to a lot of new information and families I would never have known:)