Dogs in China?

Anyone heard of this, re only one dog under 15" high in china?..,1,540348.story?coll=chi-

There’s been a huge slaying, apologies Stray dog, et al, fact is I thought you would know. However, it’s not been by any means all grim.

[quote]China’s middle class howling in protest over crackdown on dogs
By Tim Johnson
BEIJING - It might seem surprising that enforcement of a policy toward dogs would provoke a wave of public anger in China.

But a crackdown on dog ownership has led to a rare street protest, angry online postings and a sense of fear and disgruntlement among throngs of dog owners. The backlash has caught authorities flat-footed as they try to explain their reasons for the restrictions.

The rules, which limit households in the city and its suburbs to one dog and ban large dogs and certain breeds, have been around since 1995 but were widely ignored.

Many middle-class urban Beijing residents want a greater say in how they live their lives. Many also are angry about heavy-handed police tactics in confiscating unregistered dogs.

“All dog owners are worried. They feel threatened. They don’t know when their dogs will be taken away,” said Zi Jin, a veterinarian and member of a private group that takes in strays.

City officials said on Nov. 7 that they would enforce the rules, including a ban on any dog bigger than 35 centimeters (nearly 14 inches) at the shoulder. Only people who are blind or handicapped may register bigger dogs. [/quote]


Mention of this should be made in “reasons China sucks” thread.