Dogs in Taxis?

Chocky went from my place to Namahottie’s in a taxi. The driver thanked me profusely for asking him before we got in whether he minded carrying a dog and said Taiwanese people wouldn’t have asked. Chocky got carsick too. Luckily he didn’t actually vomit. If doggy starts drooling, it’s time to get out of the car.

Little dogs can go on public transport in a crate.

[Not my post above. This thread started with a question about whether Taipei taxis will allow dogs on a leash to ride in their cars. I like this response though. smerf]

I’ve been able to do it if I tell them I’ll hold her and she won’t touch anything. My dog isn’t that big, though (small cocker).

We always call the taxi company to send a taxi and ask them if it’s ok - they send a driver that’s cool with it. We make our dog sit on the floor, though, so there’s really not a lot ot object to…

Thanks guys, that helps. Good idea, Maoman, I should call first. :bravo:

We once took a taxi from Nankan to Taipei to visit some friends. I think it was Alleycat , actually. My wife and I are in the back with our 2 dogs. Karma was not happy at all. She used to get very car sick.

She’d started drooling and drooling and drooling. It was amazing how much would came out! So we’re in the taxi and we were prepared with bags to catch drool and paper towels to wipe her face off.

The taxi cab driver was going on and on about how “Dogs are NOT allowed in Taxis” and “NOT” allowed on buses. Of course this was news to us because the bus ALWAYS stops to pick us up and the TAXIS ALWAYS stop too…I digress…

Karma’s drooling away…We get off the highway. Start navigating those Taipei streets…AND BRAAAAAAAAAA…She pukes all over the back seat. She totally missed the bag we had for her! I couldn’t believe it.

Our dogs are RAW fed, she had eaten Sardines and Black Mountain chicken that day. There were bones and meat all over the place! We felt sooo bad for that driver. We tried to help him clean up with the suppplies we had, gave him a nice tip.

So remember. Even though the taxis and buses will stop to pick you up…DOGS ARE NOT ALLOWED :rainbow:

We’ve taken Dofu in several taxis. He’s a medium sized dog. We just ask the driver if its OK. Anyway, they see Dofu standing there with us waving the cab down. If they didn’t want Dofu in the cab, I suppose they would just pass us without stopping.

My older cat peed in her cage on the way home from quarantine and it spilled on the back seat. I think there was plastic covering the seats, so I didn’t feel that horrible. But it stank and I felt really awful.

I didn’t tip the driver. Next time I know to tip.