Doing business in turmoil: Pakistan

I made the foolish mistake of posting something in the International Politics section about Pakistan, but it wasn’t related to politics.

When something like an assassination happens in a country like Pakistan, how does it affect business operations?

I have a potential supplier in Pakistan and we’ve been negotiating and getting all of the proper documents in order. But I fear that the volatile nature of the current situation is going to cause too much trouble.

We started talking to this supplier about 2 months ago and even back then, when the media was covering the Musharraf transition, it was kind of difficult to convince my bosses that it would be okay to do business with them.

My argument was that just because the political situation is sticky, it doesn’t mean the people over there don’t want to do business. If there’s anything that could help them get on with life, it would be business. That’s what I said at least.

But now I’m starting to rethink our strategy. The supplier has good prices, they seem keen on cooperation, but maybe this assassination will greatly change their mindset?

Maybe it’s not just a question of doing business in Pakistan. Anyone on here have any experience doing business in a country that was going through political turmoil?

Curious to know how you succeeded/failed/got by.