Doing research on Teacher Contracts

I am undertaking some research on Teacher contracts here in Taiwan. To those who are interested, could you please comment on the following questions. Send your replies to, so I can send you my fax number, thanks wert.

  1. When you read your contract for the first time, what was your overall impression of the document? Do you think it is a document of value for both yourself and your employer?

  2. What parts of the contract did you question or disagree about?

  3. Were you given a satisfactory answer from your employer?

  4. What conditions did your contract cover?

  5. What reasonable conditions should have been included in the contract?

  6. What conditions were broken over the course of your period of employment?

  7. What did you do when your employer broke the conditions in the contract?

  8. What procedures are you aware of when you wish to take up a grievance against your employer?

  9. What methods do you think would work when a Foriegn Teacher wants to lay a complaint (ie for an employer who reduces their hours for no valid reason)? Who can we go to with our contract?

What is the status / conclusion of your research ?

This topic seems to be repeating itself over and over without any results. So, what, did this guy just want to see others contracts but not share the goodies?

Bottom line on teaching contracts here is: if they like you, you’ve got some leeway, if they don’t they’ll fire you and there is nothing you can do. Contracts are supposed to be evidence of an agreement between two parties. In this case, they are simply a set of instructions to employees, which can be summed up as “we will pay you X amount of money per hour and in return you will do whatever we tell you to do”.

Well put! Hexuan, you are OBVIOUSLY living in Taiwan!