I am thinking about getting my own domain with own email account.
What have looked up on domain registration and web hosting. Do I need both to upload something and create email accounts?

Having your own URL and email is great! It really gives you a lot of freedom from the limitations of Yahoo! or similar.

To answer your question, I don’t think so.

email accounts can easily be created from the panel that your webhosting provider will give you, once your account is activated.

hope that answers your Q.

later: I should add that you will need

  1. your own domain (about $10)
  2. your own server space with bandwidth (from $2-3 pm or more…)


control panels such as cpanel are easy to use and as ken said, you’ll be able to add and manage your e-mails(s). basically you are in control of everything from mail forwarding to quotas. cpanel also makes it possible to check your e-mail online from any computer with a webbroswer, just like any webmail (yahoo…).

i’d recommend I have been using their hosting for a long while now and they are really good and cheap considering their support is super fast and professional.