Domestic Flights

I’ve never taken a domestic flight here. I have a friend who’s in Australia at the moment coming here soon who wants to book flights between Taipei and Kaohsiung in advance.

The main problem she’s having is that she said they won’t accept her VISA card, apparantly they’ll only accept a bank to bank transfer. She’s booking on the net, I’m not sure if it’s directly through a flight company or through a travel agency.

How does flying domestically usually work here? Do you pay by credit card? How far in advance do you usually book? Do you just go straight through a company?


From what I have read never do a bank to bank transfer, too much room for fraud. Esp if the company tries to screw you or you want a refund, your not protected as you would be if you used Visa. Plus bank to bank transfers usually come with fee, but using Visa there wouldn’t or shouldn’t be any fees. I suggest using a differnt company if they want to act like that.

Thanks Frost.

We sorted out the problem in another way, I convinced her to skip Kaohsiung completey. There’s nothing to see here anyway. :rainbow:

Just did a bank transfer for a friend’s one-day Toroko gorge tour, Taipei-Hualien-Taipei, english speaking guide, bus tour and lunch for NT$3,628. They wouldn’t take Visa either. Friend was very satisfied with the tour.