Domestic violence cases among Taiwanese? Who usually wins in court?

I never heard of this domestic violence case in Taiwan, but a Taiwanese friend recently told me a little more information on what happened so you know the whole situation better.

‘‘The woman had been dating the same guy for like 5, 6 years. He had been abusive for many years. Last July they went out to dinner with some friends, after dinner the woman hugged one of her guy friends to say goodbye, which is normal in every culture. So the jealous boyfriend started beating her up by hammering at her head repeatedly - THIS WAS ALL CAUGHT ON SURVEILLANCE CAMERA.’’

''When they went back to the man’s house, he continued to beat up repeatedly, everywhere in her body, especially at her head. The woman was screaming in pain for over 10 minutes, or during the 10 minutes of torture. The man wouldn’t stop, it wasn’t until his 9 year old son got awaken when he heard the repeated screaming from the woman, the little son came out to the living room and saw what happened, that was when his papa stopped. ‘’

Long story short. She went to the police, hired lawyer, got CTTV surveillance camera footage to prove her case, but the boyfriend apparently is from rich family and has piles of money to hire lawyers who so far are winning the case for him and she is losing. Anybody ever hear of this one?

It’s all over the news, he says, the Chinese-language press but NOT the English language press. not yet, and it’s not a pretty case. Apparently, her first attorney made several mistakes and the defense took advantage of their mistakes, so on technicality, she is losing the case.

A Taiwanese man in Taichung is going to contact famous lawyer Gloria Allred in L.A. to see if her office knows any attorneys in Taiwan that specialize in domestic violence - the perpertrator’s money will interest them.

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What do make of all this?