Domicile of Petitioner

I’m a US citizen and got married with my Taiwanese wife in September of this year. I then filed for an immigrant visa for her. My wife and I then went through all the hassles of the marriage certificate, household registry, birth certificates, police records, affidavit of support, medial exams and etc.

Finally… The immigrant visa interview at AIT

All the documentations went pretty well, I thought that I would have problems with my I-864 (Affidavit of Support), as I have never filed a US tax return (never had a real income) and my total income on the form is “$0”, but I do have a relative in the U.S. who is the joint-sponsor and their income is adequate to support this case.

What didn’t go well in the interview was my domicile. I came back to Taiwan around 15 years ago. The reason I came back then is to visit my dad, who at that time worked for the government and couldn’t leave the country. I completed my high school and university education and lived here every since. My last time back to our home in the states is around 3 years ago.

The consular officer said that the information I provided is insufficient to provide proof of reestablishing domicile in the U.S. and the immigrant visa could not be issued to my wife at this time. I did provide printouts of emails conversations of a job interview date for my wife and a job offer for me, but because the printouts were not organized very well the officer didn’t understand them.

My wife and I have real plans to move back to the states ASAP and start new careers. My wife has been offered a job at big corporation there. A job interview date has been set. For me, I have also found a job in the same area.

My question is, how can I proof to the consular office of our real intentions of moving back to the states.

I already have a permanent address there and a California State driver’s license and ID card but my wife and I plan to live in a different state when we move back.

Any suggestions ??