Dominoes Pizza dispute

My wife and I are having a dispute. I claim the funny-looking older foreign guy with the moustache in the TV commercial and print ads is an actor. She claims he is actually the President of Dominoes Pizza on Taiwan. Who’s right? :s

I’ve heard he’s the head of Taiwan Domino’s.

Older? I don’t know - he looked pretty hip hop and happenin’ on that last commercial where he was this DJ spinning pizzas. I think he lost weight and shaved the moustache or something. Anyway, his Chinese is quasi-fluent or something, right?

He is the President of Domino’s Pizza - though he will shortly be leaving Taiwan back for the US after a long stint here.

I never saw Ron Steward of ICRT, but he sure sound like him… When he says buy a chiiiii…

Yeah, he’s fluent alright… And Jackie Chan is a Shakespearean actor…

Mr. Dominos TV ad guy is the president, I have a Taiwanese friend who’s a Dominos manager.

Yeah, his Chinese sucks, and he shouldn’t do his own ads because it’s not good enough for TV…

I heard he used to be a Mormon and that they give big discounts to our bike riding brain washing pals…don’t know if that’s true. I should cut my hair really short and buy a white shirt and tie.

oh, aftershock…

His name is Scott Oelkers and he is the Managing Director of Dominos Pizza Taiwan. I believe the name under which they are registered in Taiwan is a bit different, but it is still owned by Dominos.

Thanks for all the posts, I sincerely appreciate it. Unfortunately, because of your posts I lost the bet and had to pay my wife NT $10,000 so she could go shopping. I won’t be making bets like this again.

I heard that he got sacked because of the last ad (currently running). Doesn’t seem to make much sense if the big brass found his on screen antics an embarrassment, fired him and didn’t pull the ad. But for me, based strictly on the ad - he’s about as welcome in my house as Jane Fonda.

That may have been the consensus at HQ because he wasn’t promoted or transferred - he’s still in Taiwan pushing cosmetics for a multi-level marketing firm. I wish Dominos had more authority over other TV content in Taiwan.

I can’t believe he’s still on the air.

I can’t understand why this thread hasn’t grown yet.

“Hotel chain set to absorb Domino’s in Taiwan, PRC. FAST FOOD: With an active cross-strait expansion policy, Formosa International Hotels Corp decided to buy the pizza chain’s stores in Taiwan and Beijing for NT$500 million”

I heard about this a few weeks ago.

For many years, I liked to get “all american” (which is pepperoni and cheese) with extra mushrooms or even extra pepperoni. They always warned me that it would be “salty”, as many locals abhor eating anything with a strong flavor. Last time I got triple pepperoni and they didn’t say anything. Then, I discovered that the pepperoni is now only for looks and had no flavor at all. I can’t rule out that I was in a bad mood that day or whatever, but it really seemed that they had Taiwan-ized the pepperoni to be flavorless. Anyone agree?
(As a side note, SubWay has dumped their pepperoni and taken “spicy Italian” completely off the menu. In Kaohsiung, at least. In their plastic containers of ingredients, the pepperoni (orange) is gone and now their salami has become very weak. But, they have three kinds of chicken there. Grrrrrrr!)

Domino’s doesn’t have beef anymore, which seems to indicate that they’re going down the same slipperly slope as McDonald’s with their chicken-everything marketing. (No more “original” Big Mac? WTF?)

Kaohsiung. I’ve had pizza at Smokey Joe’s before and that wasn’t bad, but definitely would not suppress a Papa Joe’s craving. Plus, you have to tell them at least 2 or 3 times if you don’t want pineapple. Mamamia, to me, is the least good of all the Amy’s restaurants, and I don’t mean just the pizza. The pizza crust must be cold-rolled, blued, Bethlehem steel. Or, perhaps it’s too authentically Italian–I don’t know. My sister said that pizza in Italy isn’t very good, but that’s from her US-born perspective (and mine, too).

I will try Lighthouse when I get a chance.

Pizza comes in different sizes, thinkness and flavours, … greasy, but that’s the Americanized version …
… authentic Italian is simple, thin and crispy … a fishermen’s meal, cheap, but delicious to the pallet.

No, he’s not … the voice is not his … and I haven’t seen him on any ad anymore …

Yeah, and Costco dumped the Italian pizza, which had pepperoni. The only semi-edible food they sold anyway. :s Well, I’ll try ordering some pepperoni from Futong soon – they deliver for a minimum of $500NT, and 'roni freezes well… I hope it’s not the bland stuff mentioned above.

Yeah, and Costco dumped the Italian pizza, which had pepperoni. The only semi-edible food they sold anyway. :s [/quote]

highly debatable! i find the beef roll to be semi edible, the pizza, gleagh!

[quote=“coolingtower”]“Hotel chain set to absorb Domino’s in Taiwan, PRC. FAST FOOD: With an active cross-strait expansion policy, Formosa International Hotels Corp decided to buy the pizza chain’s stores in Taiwan and Beijing for NT$500 million”

since when was taiwan part of the PRC?

since when was taiwan ever really a part of the ROC either?

and this quote comes from where? please let us in on the new politics this reveals. should i be packing my bags about now?

Dragonbones, please let me know if it’s decent. I haven’t been all that pleased with Fu Tong products so far.

Costco has dropped the Italian pizza? Damn, what that place won’t do to kill their niche market… I swear. I quit Costco in May when my membership fee was due (or rather April, when they asked for it–a month early like they usually do). Their whole grain bread became sweet 2 years ago. There are no more chicken enchiladas like I used to love–even though I don’t like chicken very much. No more Sinai Kosher hot dogs? Plus, a bar/grill in Tainan quit making tacos because Costco quit selling the shells. Thanks, Costco. They’ll sell you US-style “tall kitchen garbage bags”, but not the garbage cans to go along. Then, they WON’T sell you decent hot dogs of all things. I’m finished with Costco. I liked the Thuringa Bratwurst, but now I don’t have time to cook them. Jason’s Market sells “Johnsonville” brand hot dogs (US), which appear to be 99% oil. Yuck. No flavor, except oil. And, very expensive. Biting into one squirts oodles of oil everywhere, regardless of how much you pricked them while they were cooking. I can’t even buy size-12(US) shoes in Taiwan anymore.

I hope someone can try Domino’s “All American” pizza and tell me if it tastes like pepperoni. My guess is that it doesn’t. They could simply admit that it is now called “All-Taiwanese” and get over it. They have enough “flavors” with corn kernels on them for the perfunctory “a little bit sweet” Taiwan flavor–why mess with the one existing original? Is pepperoni such an offense that it must be left off all menus and even no longer imported? As deviant from US Pizza Hut as Taiwan Pizza Hut is, at least their pepperoni seem to be “real”. Now, I’m wondering how long this will last.

Domino’s thin crust:
I’ll order a thin crust and then tell them to cut it in triangles. If the person who took the order is not the same person who cuts it–you get squares. Even if they put it in the computer and the box says “cut in triangles”–you’ll get squares. They can’t change. They see a thin pizza, and cut it into squares.

Once I was about to go to work and ordered a thick pizza. The cheese spilled over the crust in a small spot. They wouldn’t sell me this, because it was outside their “standards”. I said “I have to go to work NOW! I want that pizza.” They refused to sell me that pizza. I told them I had to work and ended up going to work hungry. It was too late for me to wait for them to make a new pizza. However, they can cut it wrong, say they’re sorry, and leave you with something you didn’t wanted. Their system is “If you cut it wrong, tell the customer you’re sorry, and get on with the next order.” No chance to improve them. I have yelled at them many times for this. Once I even used a Frisbee-type action to fling a pizza across their room before leaving. I got good service for a while before the management changed.

As things modernize and locals’ desires are valued more and more. It’s less likely that you can find what you want. Soups will become hot water with ginger in them, noodles will become tasteless, and roughly everything else will become “a little bit sweet”. Just like Big Mac. Taiwanese people will SIMPLY not eat anything that is not flavorless or a little bit sweet.

What are your thoughts?

Very soon it will be Taiwan sweet sausage pizza … man, they dump a truckload of sugar in their 70% fat sausages … yuck …