Donating English books to a library

I’m leaving Taiwan in the near future. As is my habit when departing a place, I’d like to donate books to a library instead of selling them for pence to a bookseller. Any suggestions on how I can do this? I should add that these aren’t kids books. I don’t mean anything x-rated, just serious non-fiction and novels. Thanks for your help.

Why don’t you just contact your neighborhood library? :wink:

I gave some books to the National Library (opposite the Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial). They were very pleased and said they can distribute books to public libraries all around Taiwan. The office that accepts book donations is on the side of the building that faces Ketagalan Boulevard (the road that leads to the Presidential Building), down some steps from street level.

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What a great idea. I’ve got a box of books that I’ve been meaning to take to Grandma Nittis or Bobos or whatever that other place is that supposedly buys books, and have made a few calls and even started a thread here once trying to find where I could sell used books, but got the impression Taiwan basically lacks used book stores, at least ones interested in decent English books. So the library’s a great alternative.

Not to sound greedy, and it probably wouldn’t make much difference anyway, but I wonder if the library would give you a receipt for hte donation that could be used to claim a tax deduction for charitable contribution. Anyone have any idea about that?

you could donate them to animalstaiwan so they can sell em at their flea markets?

My neighbourhood library is one for the blind.

The National Taiwan Library in Zhonghe is in serious need of some up-to-date English books. I went in there today for a browse (and the peace and quiet - bliss!) and discovered a book on logic in the Philosophy section, written in near-incomprehensible Gothic-script German, that was printed in 1879. :astonished:

I’m sure they’d appreciate any donations and it looks like they really could do with them. Alternatively, Lupillus’ plan sounds like a good one.

How to go about doing that?

perhaps email her and see where to drop em off?

Last reply to this topic was 12 years ago, so lets see if there’s any updated information.

I have a few hundred books that I would like to donate to a public library to make space for a new pool table. Has anyone donated books to the Taipei Public Library system recently? Do I just walk into the library next to Daan Park and drop off the books or is there some procedure I need to follow?

You can bring your books to the front counter of any library. There are some kinds of books they don’t accept, but they are welcom book donation.

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I recently donated some books and they gave me a basic receipt. On the back it talks about their donation policies and says that if you donate 200 books total you’ll get a gift.

Does anyone happen to know what that gift is? Just curious, I will probably not get up to 200 books donated.

What kind of books are you donating. I’ll give you a gift :relaxed: