Done to death threads?


I don’t really mind, all things considered. I just read and reply on the threads that interest me, and ignore the rest.

You never know what might fascinate someone. And even if it’s already been done a few years back, maybe some folks who had something to say then may have something new to say now…

Just my five cents worth.

Don’t worry about it. Merging threads or tossing them in the flounder forum are what the mods are paid for. :smiley:

Oh, and by the way, don’t you know there are at least three other threads on this same topic? :wink:

[quote=“smell the glove”]Of course if this thread has been done before, feel free to ignore it. :wink:[/quote]Oh yeah…It’s been done… I posted something like that as a newbee so I fully understand your post. I must say you are doing great as a newbee, nice to have you around.

After about six months, you get a pretty good idea of what the redundant subjects are. I say search a bit and post away. If you get floundered, it’s ok as long as it’s not because you said something stupid. :wink:


I will always use the search function before I start a new thread.

But I use bad keywords (so I can ignore the thread from 1999 mentioning the same subject, where they talk about that brand new … snor … and half the people are called “Guest”, last post in early 2000).


[quote=“Jive Turkey”]Don’t worry about it. Merging threads or tossing them in the flounder forum are what the mods are paid for. :smiley:

That is true, at least about the don’t worry part. You should search first then post a new thread etc.

But…and this is just my opinion. If you want to bring up an issue it can be given new life and get a round of comments from people new to Forumosa and maybe a repeat comment from those that have been around the block a few times.

Then, the mods can choose to temporize that thread or merge it somewhere an issue has been dealt with before. No shame in something going down the temporary drain hole. Some of the best posters hang around there imo.

People who have been around for a while can choose not to read things that have been thrashed around before. Nobody is forcing them to view threads. To me, Forumosa is all about new posters and new readers who want to find information.

No big deal to rehash old issues. It is a big deal to harrass new posters though.

Thanks to one and all for the input - helps to clarify things immensely! So it would seem that searching first and adding to previous threads is the best policy. I think at least part of the problem is the limitations of searching. I do like that you can perform forum-specific searches, but that is still hit or miss depending on your choice of keywords and delimiters. It might help to have an advanced search option that would keyword search topics rather than the text of every post ever submitted. Searching the word

Personally I think there are some topics that don’t need to be rehashed - things like the quote from Namahottie for one. Basically topics where there is unlikely to be anything new said, because they’re not really discussion material, rather thinly disguised rants or bitch sessions. The things like OMG TAIWNESE WOMEN/MEN or OMG I’M SUCH A FOREIGNER or OMG TAIWANESE ARE STOOPIDS AT DRIVING/WORKING/EMPLOYING/LIFE should just be left alone or put in an old thread. But if it’s something where you’re looking for actual informative opinions, post away!

Do many people actually do a search though? I never do. I just post. Albeit, it’s not too often I start a thread.