Don't be overzealous (Family Mart shoplifting case)


Well I guess (with a straight face and w/o sarcasm) when the judge says that it’s such small money and then asks why I am doing it, i’m going to say, “Judge, this is not about me, this is for a better Taiwan, for my future children, for my friends and for the sake of Taiwan which I love with all my heart.” :slight_smile:


Try to memorize the sentence in fluent Chinese. You have better chance that way.


You won’t necessarily get a chance to say it, though it’s a nice thought.


Speaking from experience, you cannot rely on your interpretation of the law to settle disputes.

It’s the golden rule here.

Perhaps buy a BMW and countersue her for wasting your time.

Funny what you said about line cutting, pissing and shitting. They do cut the line here. In Zhongli they do anyway. Even in cars and on scooters. If you drive a BMW you can do whatever you want.

Do not pay her any more than $65.


Update: The motion for discovery (appeal) is set for tomorrow.

The official doctors note stating that I had been treated for ADHD seven months prior to the present should provide the prosecutor a graceful way to drop the case.

Most likely, he’ll offer me a reduced fine to which i’ll say no. A trial date will be set, and most likely the prosecutor will drop the case right before trial.





Could you not just pay the fine?


So being treated for ADHD is an accepted defense against theft charges??
How about stealing a car?
How about assault?

Forgive me if I’m missing something, but, based on what seem to be largely accepted mental/behavioral health practices, if one’s condition is severe enough that one is unable to differentiate between legal/acceptable activities and illegal/unacceptable activities, isn’t there a normal requirement for one to be removed from the general population until the condition improves?


I could pay the NT5000 fine, and on my criminal record it would read like a speeding ticket.

If they want it that bad, i’m going to make them earn it, that’s how much I love Taiwan :slight_smile:



Judge ordered another psychiatric eval acting in a hostile tone intimating that we were wasting her time. They then asked me to release all my medical records from that hospital which will only help my case.

Next step: Goto the court ordered medical eval center, to get a second opinion. Set a mother court date for deliberations. Go from there…


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I just deleted a few posts. Closing this for now. OP, please PM me when you’re ready to tell us how the story ends.




Ooooh, the anticipation!


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The lesson learned, she probably lost a customer that would have have brought in more than 4000NT$.


I guess convenience stores have some sort of policy regarding crimes that they have to report anything to the police. I got accused of something (using a counterfeit bill) by a Family Mart owner recently as well and the case is currently being investigated by the prosecutor’s office (according to the police anyway). The only difference here is that I didn’t know that it was a counterfeit bill (I don’t even know how she was so sure that the note was mine) and that I’m not a foreigner lol.