Don't be that guy

Nearly met his maker, doesn’t seem overly troubled about it. Red lights exist for a reason

Right, in Taiwan, they’re not rules, they’re suggestions. :wink:

wow pretty dumb. i mean when on a bike you can get away with going through some red lights but on this type of road ?? if you were going to do that at-least turn your head and take a LOOK first.

If I had a dollar for every time I saw something like this, I’d probably quit my job.


Zero lessons learned.

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They’re not optional, regardless of your vehicle type.

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could have fooled me mate. because i see people ignore the laws right in traffic cops faces while in scooters and cars. people on bikes follow them even less, and as long as they are being safe, unlike the fool in the video i don’t really see a big deal in it. what i see as a big deal are the bastards who take my life for granted so they can go wait at a red light 100 yards up the road 20 seconds faster.


Justify it to yourself however you like. If they jumped off a cliff, would you jump too?

why is this about me? its simply an observation of how things work here.

Jail for this thug.

It’s in response to your statement

um no mate, you are trying to say i would jump off a cliff. as if i am copying some idiotic behavior, which is not the case. there is a system here which basically everyone uses and it does not always follow the rules, of which, don’t always make sense anyway. thats just how it is. i stopped using my western traffic rules a long time ago and now i can actually get around at a decent pace.

:rofl: Enjoy the fall!

Do you guys jaywalk in Taiwan?

I’m surprised how few natives do here, especially considering how they drive, but I find it’s safe to jaywalk at a lot of places.

Jaywalking here in the south is more the norm than in the north, as are right turns on red lights, u-turns on red lights, cars passing slower cars on the right-side in the scooter lane, scooters making direct left turns, etc. etc.

I will jaywalk in a few places in which doing so is safer (i.e. having one lane of traffic coming in your direction) than actually waiting for the light (and having cars coming at you from behind).

I saw one of this mormon the other day passing on a red ligth like god is watching him. It was an avenue

i’ll keep enjoying getting around on my bike.

i do it sometimes in places i know are quiet and safe. never main roads.
i think people don’t do it so much because its viewed as a low class thing, and judging the road as safe or not is quite a big feat that would involve putting the phone away so waiting for the light is preferable.

Good point about needing to put the phone away.