Don't kiss me! I'm a boxer

Who would you kiss?

  • Only your mother.
  • Only your girlfriend/boyfriend.
  • Only your wife/husband.
  • Only guys (supposing you’re a guy).
  • Only girls (Supposing you too are a girl).
  • Anyone in the pub when you’re hammered.

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I just had to share this. I thought it was priceless.

And why the hell is the other guy wearing a Vest (wife beater, under shirt…)?

Hehehe…And I thought I’d add this one too. Brilliant! The perfect solution to Taiwan’s parking and transport problems… :smiley: … 4x4-p1.php

Hehehe…Good to see there was at least one girl (honest enough) that would only kiss a girl.

Me, anyone. Unless he was a guy (usually) or a boxer…

Thanks for humouring me with your votes at least. I was feeling a tad despondent there for a while… :frowning:

This whole post and poll confuses me. :s

yes, i agree. your poll is confusing :unamused: