Don't panic. Hitchhikers guide on radio

And then continues thus: Fact. I ache. Therefore I am. Or in my case, I am, therefore I ache. Oh look. I appear to be lying at the bottom of a very deep dark hole. That seems a familiar concept. What does it remind me of? Ah, I remember. Life. Perhaps if I lie here and ignore it it will go away again. Or then again, perhaps not. To be perfectly frank with myself, if it didn’t go away after me falling fifteen miles through the air and further miles through solid rock I’m probably stuck with it for good. Why do I just lie here anyway? Why don’t I climb out? Does it matter? It never does mater. Does it matter? Little worlds. Little worlds. Little worlds.

I can’t remember what I asked you now.

Sunday is a great day to listen to the most amazing thing ever to have been broadcast on the radio. Or maybe, then again.