Don't wash this lettuce!

Helping someone cook tonight. I was starting to wash the lettuce they had purchased but apparently this is special lettuce washed with special water and it is bad to wash it with any other water. So straight from the package to mouth. I guess washing it with tap water would of really been hazardous to the health…not.

I don’t believe it. What do you think?

How’d they get that idea? I don’t see anything to suggest it on the label. It does say “wash your hands and use” but I guess that just implies it’s been pre-washed.

I think there is a video or news report or something. The regular way people get odd ideas here.

Something carcinogenic, probably :slight_smile:

A lot of salad veg in the UK are sold as “ready to eat” because they’ve been dunked in a cocktail of God-knows-what that makes them “safe” and extends their “freshness” beyond the normal shelf life.

Dunno if that’s what’s going on here, but either way, I don’t see any harm in washing your veg in tap water, especially since you’re going to shake most of it off afterwards.

Its called… Marketing.


You guys do understand why not washing is a good thing? Because water is bad, full of bacteria. So they say. Sigh.

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