Don't you mis SMD?

I was just wondering where SMD might be headed? Did he go to a tropical paradise island, to live the good life and spend his 60 million NT$ … or maybe he retired to a Taiwan mountain resort and bought a new sportscar …

It’s just not the same without him … no red on the street … not even now that Ma is being investigated …

What happend?

Too busy creating stories about Nobel Peace Prizes…

After pissing off the police and exposing Ma’s spinelessness he made the mistake of shifting his focus to the KMT’s stolen assets. The blue media, which had made him into some kind of superstar when he was doing their bidding, promptly pulled the plug on him and noboy’s seen him since…
Word has it he’s headed for Thailand.

Look over here, the media is suggesting he could be up for a Nobel Peace Prize! … highlight=


He’s going to Thailand to have a debate on street protests next week.


And no, I don’t miss that anti-democracy tool.

He is a sick man, his liver and some kind of growth in his neck, these may have something to do with it, but did anyone notice his eyes look very weird?(eye liner?) Perhaps a Chinese may say his are the kind of eyes that see into the netherword?

If this is a valid observation, and which does not just reflect his medical conditions, perhaps Shih really have made a deal with the devil, only this one was blue before it turned red. :smiley: