Donut and Tex-Mex dish


I have two questions.

  1. Does anyone know if there’s a “Dunkin Donuts” or “Mister Donuts” outlet here in Taipei? If so, kindly let me know where it is (I need the address, baby!) . If there’s none, then can you tell me where can I buy donuts whose taste comes close to Dunkin’s or Mister Donuts?

  2. I read before that there’s a Tex-Mex resto/fastfood(?) somewhere around the Tun Hwa North/South Road area. Has anybody been there before? Is it still out there? If so, can you please supply me with the address? If it’s no longer in business, then too bad. I missed that one. Maybe you can recommend a good one.

Thanks to you all.


For Tex/Mex on Dun Hwa, I’m sure that you were referring to “Ranch 1.” It’s on Dun Hwa, just north of Hsin Yi E. Road. There’s another branch located at the intersection of Nanjing E. Road and Sung Chiang Road.


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There used to be Mister Donuts in Taipei, but they buggered off about 10 years ago. All you’re going to find are pseudo donuts at bread stores that look exactly like real donuts but are made with ordinary bread and “Taiwanese” chocolate or whatever on top. Ankis donuts made a try a few years ago but I don’t think it took off. Taiwanese people don’t really go for that kind of sweetness I guess. The nearest Dunkin Donuts I know of is in Manila. I’ve also heard rumors of some donut places in Okinawa, probably for the GIs there.


Ditto on the donuts–and I’m pretty sure if a good donut shop opened up I’d hear about it from any of my Canadian friends about it within 24 hours.

As for “Ranch 1”, the food I had their wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t what I’d call Tex-Mex.

However, I DID see a place on either Chang-Chun or Nanjing (DAMN! Can’t remember, but I saw it while I rode on teh #12 bus a couple of nights ago.) Anyone know what I’m talking about? Anybody tried it?


Ranch 1 is out of business as well.