Donuts, Burgers, Ice Cream, Cheap...WTF?

Pizzas are an italian thing, and the best ones come from there, not the US, who are pale overloaded imitations at best.

I fell over this place recently, and really liked it

This old tired expat joint might be slipping down the scales after the brit running it skipped town, however you might give it try next time in. They do western dishes, a wee bit of Chinese, and stuff like anglo-indian and tex mex.

Jack of all trades so no deep area of experrise and excellense, and a bit overpriced, but still good, esp. for brunch:

I plan to try out this place shortly: … &&start=40

And then there are french, Indian and other places, many of whose are good.

That does look like a lovely Pie.


BroonAle, I suppose one man’s junk is another man’s comfort. Oo-er missus cor blimey strike a light!

Me I had bangers and mash with gravy and Guinness to my tea yesterday. Bloody delectable. Your memory “kinda lingers.” say that in a Kiwi accent and think of Pamela Stevenson in Not the Nine 'O Clock News. Or maybe Mel Smith. Yeah, Broon, in your case, definitely Mel Smith.

When overseas, we look for comfort food, IE something from home. If I need itI cook it, simple. Many don’t.

I like trying out new foods and new things, and love cooking from all over the place, so I try it all and hope to get a great tickle of my taste buds every time.

Warning: the man above eats herrings.

For fun, not for a bet.

Pickled even, when I can get them. That’s not often as ikea stopped selling them.


Since you, the Lord, and Nathan Lane have departed it isn’t as much fun to write reviews. I’ve been meaning to write about Peony and Forchetta but haven’t had the time. However, if you are actually interested in plowing through my drivel I am always happy to oblige a friend. I’m sure the chief will be happy that I can torture someone else and leave him in peace.

I thought it was for the salt.
I like mine with extra onion!

Oh come ON, BroonAle, iz you seri0us?

Donuts, burgers, ice cream are food, too, just like English teachers are people, too.

Most times the subject title or the first line of the post itself will contain the words “cheap,” “deal,” or “free” to allow people to know what the restaurant is all about.

If a visitor was looking for a high end resto and happened upon The Diner or Subway I’m quite sure they would know they’re not looking at the right thread. And one only has to search or post a q and everyone can chime in.

I quite like the mix of restos in this forum. I don’t look in subforums. That extra click is hard on my wrist.

Taipei main station uptsairs has a great food court now. Hommous and tomatoes or some freaking thing with olive direct and parsley probably what do I know. Wife had the curry from the Indian place, no ocean, then over to the warm and sweet soupy stuff with peanuts in it (Chinese) before Thai egg rolls, shredded carrots and something or other. Numb, numb… NT%69.