I just posted in the rant thread that I hate my doorman.

I really, really despise this guy. :fume:

Just as an example, he is always standing in the doorway smoking. When you try to get in or out, he moves about 1 inch to the side to let you in.

He ogles every woman that walks within 10 feet of him, so much so that I’ve seen women walk all the way to the road instead of having to walk past him.

There are countless other things that piss me off, too.

Now I make sure I take the cat’s poop down to the trash can right AFTER the trash truck has come.

Does everyone have crappy doormen? Are there any good ones out there?

there are a few at my building that mainly do the traffic directing. Most of them are pretty good except for one guy who likes to direct me into on coming cars, so with that guy I tend to watch out for potential T-bone situations myself.

I would complain, but I know the poor guy would prob lose his job even if I even slightly whispered something to him, and he’s an old guy too, so I give him a break about it.

Our building has been through 3 different security companies in 3 years. They seem to get gradually worse. This last bunch will watch me struggle with bags and boxes without hitting the remote button to unlock the door. The guy that is here late in the evening has gotten better though. The other night I made a brew run to 7-11 and also picked him up a couple of the vodka coolers. He has been VERY helpful of late.

It was so much easier back when most doormen were “wai-sen bei-bei” – old KMT Army veterans, and their employment to look after any building over 5 stories tall, was kind of an unofficial social welfare system.

A lot of these old guys were the kind that lived in the shanty villages for mainlanders that used to be scattered all over town. They have fallen to wrecking ball, these soldiers villages - one after another, and the old soldiers die off and become marginalized out of Taipei County some place. Some of these old guys could be kind of crotchety, but the shit they had to endure in their youth, kind of justifies it.

For those who are new to Taiwan, Poagao writes a bit about filming in one of the last extant soldiers villages in Taipei City in his Renegade Province Productions blog.

The secret to turning that lump of jello into a helpful doorman is to remember to slip him a little red envelope at Chinese New Year. Doesn’t even have to be much, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how attentive and courteous he will become overnight. :wink:

yeah or a carton of the fave smokes or anything like that.

Especially like “that”, not some shit red bag or 2, no proimise hardware furniture etc, etc

I guess we have about 8 of them and one of our doormen stands really out from the bunch, he is doing mostly the dayshift and seems to be the more intelligent and is probably a supervisor of kind … and he speeks some English, the others are just well, they don’t care about things much … one of them, the night guy is married to a vietnamese woman and in the evening it’s almost like a night market at the gate … eating, chewing, talking shit … some more eating, chewing chicken feet and other unidentifiable food … tea time, whatever you name it … just not a security guy’s things to do.

At one time he let in some guys I’d never seen before and he didn’t ask their ID card … they looked fishy to me … mafia types … they went in with me and got into the elevator … ha, at our place you need this magnetic coded keychain/card to use the elevator, I just played dumb, so we just stood there watching each other … then suddenly they got out as they didn’t have one and I refused to use mine … as they left the lift and went back out I suddenly remembered were I put it and went up to my floor … it’ll teach them …

The doormen at my apartment are awesome. I’ve only been in Taiwan for three months and I am finding the locals I like and confide in best are the ones that (A) are nice and (B) know English yet realize I want to become fluent in Chinese and will speak Chinese with me. The doormen at my apartment are exactly that, so in my experience I found the doormen to be pretty cool

I got three (elderly men), working shift. Two are friendly and the other one is ok, at least he does greet me back when I say ni hao or hello to him. Only one of them speaks a few words of English and the one that collects the maintenance fee is always very happy to hear me speak Chinese (not that I know much more than ni hao and xie xie …).

We have a 24 hour doorman - 3 of them rotate shifts.
2 of them are pretty cool. We can get dry cleaning delivered to the front desk and leave money there for them to pay for it and hold the dry cleaning for us to pick up when I get home from work.
So, if your doorman is cool, they can be quite helpful.
We’ve got cameras pretty much everywhere so it’s already pretty safe and the front door gates lock at 12, need to open it with a key and go through the security guard in order to either get to the stairs or the elevator.
In conclusion, I think doormen are cool.

Well, that sums it up for me.

I need to move! :wink:

My doormen refused to let Cathay Pacific drop off my delayed luggage, even though I had written my name and address in both Chinese and English. They came three times and the guy wouldn’t let them leave it nor take it up to my apartment.

I think he spends most of his time standing outside smoking or inside playing Chinese chess with his buddies. He has never spoken a word to me nor acknowledged my existence. And he works from 6am until 3pm where the door is wide open (and half the time he’s not there when it is).

Meanwhile, the security guards in the building where my school is are very nice, all say hello and goodbye to me, let us store umbrellas for escorting kids to their cars, and once when I led my 2nd graders down the stairs near their station, smiled and said goodbye to all of them. I see them on the street sometimes and they always say hi. Of course the rent in that building is probably at least twice as much per ping as my apartment building.

We’ve been through 3 companies in 18 months. No. 2 lost the contract when two were discovered um, er ‘touching’ each other on the lobby sofa late one night!!! :astonished: :help:

Our new ones are very odd. They put up a chinese notice in the elevator about a fire drill and then an english one that was gibberish. I told them that the english was meaningless and now I get the cold shoulder… At the same time they will actually hlp with bags out of taxis and hold the door open.
One thing that always bothers me is that they never ask our names so when parcels arrive they are sent away “not known at this address” crazy…

Our building holds an annual or bi-annual resident’s meeting. I’m pretty sure you can bring this up and get him fired.
That’s how we got rid of one of the guards that sucked.

Example: My aunt comes over every week. One week she forgot her key. The guard said he didn’t recognize her and wouldn’t let her use the phone to call us to let her in.

Conclusion: He got canned.

And we could always get our lost luggage delivered to the front desk. It’s already happened twice.