Double Date

Hi all,
We just arrived in Taiwan from Washington, DC and were looking for an English-speaking couple to double date with around the Taipei area. We are interested in a lunch or dinner date. Please PM if you are interested.


Is this wife swapping? :wink:

No, they’s Amerikuns. ‘Dates’ is when you go out and see a drive-in movie and have milkshakes, 'n stuff. You’ll prolly just meet at a diner and listen to Buddy Holly on the jukebox. Haven’t you seen ‘Happy Days’? Sheesh, no culture.

mnya not interested then - thanks

Welcome to Taiwan, newtotaiwan.

Yeah, sorry, didn’t mean to take the piss, welcome to Taiwan and forumosa. :slight_smile:

hahaah damn you guys are mean to foreigners, fyi I’m actually from Taiwan and my girlfriend is a Thai/Taiwan mix the reason we are posting on this site is because she doesn’t speak Mandarin and all my friends here dont speak any English and its not been fun translating every time we go out. so one of my friends told me about this site and that they have alot of helpful and friendly people here but all I’ve seen so far is a Pervert and a Smartass no offence to “irishstu” anyways if anybody is interested in grabbing dinner maybe some drinks and isnt an asshole and like meeting new people that would be cool if not thanks anyways.

Hey Newtotaiwan! Don’t worry about the baptism of fire. I don’t go out much, but you are welcome to visit me and my wife for dinner sometime.

Her parents divorced when she was young and her Thai father took her to the United States afterward, which is the reason she only speaks Thai and English.

Dont worry new, its a tuff crowd at furimosa at times. Dont let that worry you none.

If you ever come down Tainan way, send me a message. The missus and I have a nice French restaurant we like, and any old excuse will do. :thumbsup:

Edited: 'cos I really don’t want to be pedantic. So there! :raspberry:

OP: Welcome to Taiwan!

Oh Lord, why does every thread end up this way? :pray:

I think you meant to write… “I WANT to be pedantic.”[/quote]

Ok, sorry. I was just sayin’ is all.

I did add a dinner invite to the post, though. :smiley:

Cuz no matter what? Armpits smell? :slight_smile:

Go to the Easter lunch.
It’s a good chance to get to know people and speak English mostly. It’s fun whether you have kids or not, and it’s not a religious thing.

if four people go out together, isn’t that more like a quadruple date? (think about it)

I also think the title is misleading, normally double date is when two friends are dated, like hottie and a nottie, so one friend has to take one for the team… wingman…

I think this is more like “how to meet other couples”?

to the OP, it would be more beneficial if you gave other details, what are your interests? in which area of the city do you live/work? which times are you looking to meet up?

Like, “the wife and I are looking to meet other couples for dinner and light drinking/chatting or hiking or badminton… on fridays after work/saturday monrnings/afternoons… . We live near Tianmu/Daan/Xindian so north/central/south taipei is most convenient…”

and just ignore the banter, it’s very common on this site

Sorry for temping it, here is a little more about the OP :blush: