Double Death Day

Double Death Day

It’s my birthday today. I’m 44.

Turning 40 is a little like being sent to prison, everyone gives you a half decent send off and advice like ‘Life begins at 40’, “You’ve still got your best years ahead of you,” and so on, but the reality is you are shoveled off to some cell with a full metal door that has a small hatch for communicating and passing food through. To add insult to injury, your guard is most often some hunky stud like Justin Timberlake who slams the cell door shut lifts the communication hatch and says some dumbass comment like, “I’m gonna be watchin’ you.” And on that first day when they lock you a way from a life you previously believed was yours you start-a-thrashin’ on that door and-a-wailin’ to Justin, “You got me down on my knees, You got me beggin’ you please…I’m like your puppet on a string…” Where upon Justin’ lifts the hatch and says, “Save it asshole. You’re in for life.”

And it’s true, and in the beginning it is a cold and very dark place. But, after sometime your eyes start adjusting to the darkness so that it becomes a cold and almost dark place. That’s when you get the chance to read the graffiti of others who’ve passed through those cells: “Rehumanize yourself”; “When you’re strange, nobody remembers your name” ; “Free me!” crossed out with “Free Range Eggs” written under it. And after you read a few of these you think, “Hey. It’s important to leave your mark.” So you scratch around in the dirt of your cell looking for something hard to carve your mark on that wall and before long in a corner you find a nice little piece of limestone perfect for leaving a lasting impression. And from that point on you begin to think, “What the fuck have I got to say? … What the fuck have I got to say?”

After that it’s pretty much up to you. The same as it ever was.

Happy Birthday to me!

Ha ha ha! Don’t go getting to worked up on that prison theme there old timer!

Many happy returns - well, just to the yard for a spot of exercise and a peek at the sun.

Have a great day :laughing:


Happy birthday you young whippersnapper. Should have told me on Sunday that it was your birthday coming up – I could have got you to buy me a drink.

Happy Birthday. I know your hands are shakey, but try not to drop the soap.

Damn it Dangermouse. You bet me to the joke.

Quick little bugger, DM is always the first to get the soap!!

Thanks for your well wishes guys. Now I must go to work.

Happy Birthday! :slight_smile:

Jesus, you let the nips win the Melbourne cup with Jap jockeys on yer burfday.

It’s a grim day indeed.


Hey Fox! Let me be the VERY FIRST to wish you a happy double birthday!

¡Feliz Cumpleaños al Zorro!
¡Y Que Tengas Muchos Mas!

A very Happy Birthday to Ya…kid…heh heh heh…relish it now.

Someday when I reach your age (it’s only two more decades away…more than a quarter of a century for me… mwah ha ha! :smiling_imp: ), I want to be as wise, mature, and as handsome as you.

Happy Birthday, co-moddie, you foxy thang!

Have a relaxing day in The Yard.

Once again thank you all.

Now ImaniOU I have to concur with the handsome bolding. Well worth the effort.

My brother gave me this poem:

For Fox,

Long time ago, thou came to the Oriental,
To broaden your horizon,
To cultivate your intellectual,
To seek the transcendental,

Now, thou, wise like a general,
In the battle field of the moral,
Thou, being versatile,
Creating songs which are all original,
Writing articles which stimulate the mental,
And reflect on the environmental,

Thou surrounded by people who are meaningful,
On this special day wish your life fulfilled,
And read my poem with a smile,

From Your Brother

“And read your poem with a smile,” I could hardly stop rolling on the floor. It was so perfectly bad I was overcome with admiration for my brother’s comic genious, lauding him for his brilliant satire and turn of Chinese phrase, when he told me actually his girlfriend had written it in all seriousness. Well didn’t I feel like an asshole!