Double strollers and bike trailers

First, the strollers. Does anyone know where I can find a double stroller? (preferably jogging) Or should I just bring one from the US? Or buy one online and have it shipped?
Repeat questions for a bike trailer for kids.

I haven’t seen here double jogging strollers, so I would bring one from the US. Shipping is quite expensive.
Please keep in mind that commuting and moving around with such a stroller here will be quite a challenge. Most of the streets are quite narrow, the average entrance to the shop is also “single stroller” size.

I looked at a bunch of strollers locally, but didn’t see anything I was happy with for packing two wee ones. A buddy at hockey had a Phil & Ted’s, and that immediately struck me as the way to go. Picked this one up, secondhand, back in Canada.

Pricey though. Even secondhand, this Sport model cost us better than NT$12,000. Worth it though.

There’s a second seat that can be fitted to the back, or above the main seat. Tried it out with Sprout and her cousin, who’s much the same size, and it works great. Very sturdy, maneuverable, adjustable, and no wider than the single-seater we used to use.

And you shouldn’t have any problem jogging. :slight_smile:
(At least, not with one. I’ve only tried rollerblading with the second seat on the stroller once, and it wasn’t bearing any weight, so it rattled a bit.)

Until our second arrives, we’re using the second seat when grocery shopping, and never have to carry anything home. Once the second arrives, I may order a pair of saddlebags that fit over the rear wheels. Don’t add much to the width, and it’s a lot easier and more pleasant when you’re out and about for a while. I’d definitely recommend getting the rain cover and saddlebags.

Costco have bike trailers at the moment. About 5-6000NT and they look reasonably well made.

Thanks for the guidance! It seems like taking ours with us will be the best option. One more reason for passerbys to engage us in conversation. :wink: