Doujiang/ShaoBing Breakfast Place near Grand Hyatt?

I have a friend from overseas staying at the Grand Hyatt and I want to take him to breakfast tomorrow and/or Sunday for some real Chinese breakfast of Doujiang, shaobing, guotie, luobuo gao, etc.

Does anyone know that is only a short taxi/car ride from the Grand Hyatt and has what we are looking for?

I know Sihai on Yanji and Zhong Xiao or was it Alley 216 and Zhong Xiao? Any others closer or bigger with a lot of oldtime Taipei feel to it?

I thought there was a place across the street (Jilong?) from grand hyatt. it’s on the west side of the street, right where the crosswalk is (the only one for 100m) where the tunnel begins, and the intersection that leads to Neo 19. There’s a whole bunch of eateries there, and not a bad vietnamese noodle place too.

but on guangfu and xinyi, across from 3C (yellow computer store forget the whole name), there doujiangwang or something (the red sign, it’s a franchise, i’ve seen it in shanghai too). there definitely the breakfast fare with fantuan, youtiao, the works. u can get cold cup of doujiang there too, salty if you like.