Down and out~

so then why on earth is he being such a prat and low balling your repairs quote?.. after the exhorbitant amount of cash he’s skimmed off the top of every purchase ever made by any foreigner at his 2 bit shop, not to mention the fact that you got your bike through him etc. etc. you’d think he’d have your back in a situation like this… :raspberry: :unamused:[/quote]

that’s what i thought… the insurance people supposedly went this late afternoon to take pictures, so hopefully he has had a change of heart… if not, my opinion of him has really been damaged…

well… she’s back up and running… though i’ve gotta straighten out the handle bars (it’s bent in a bit and really not good for spirited riding)

apart from that she looks almost perfect apart from a missing tank-pad and the front fender is still cracked