Down Home Southern Cooking

I’m dyin for a mess o grits, corn bread, buttermilk biscuits with red eye gravy, back bacon, fried pork chops, hush puppies, sweet potato pie, hoppin john, pecan pie, sucotash, and lemonade.

Know whar I can git it?[/i]

What exactly are grits, sucotash and red-eye gravy anyway?
I’ve always wondered…

red eye gravy=black coffee mixed with salty country ham grease drippings
succotash=lima beans and corn
grits=broken grains of hominy (a kind of big kernal white corn)
hush puppies=deep friend corn fritters (fuckin delish!)
hoppin john=blackeye peas with bacon and rice and lots of tabasco.

god…no wonder there’s so much obesity in the southern US.

Give me a Vegemite sandwich, a sausage roll and a VB anyday. :!:
The Big Babou


Thank you very much for clearing that up. My curiosity is satisfied. Just one query about the red-eye gravy: do you eat it or drink it as a beverage? Either way, it sounds kind of yucky…

But I guess after cho do fu, anything will taste good…

I like the Texas Fried Steak at TGIFriday’s. Ask them to bring out some extra gravy and pour it over your fries and veggies. Not exactly the same as some of the food you meantioned, but it is great for a greasy gravy fix when I am craving some Southern food.