Down South - (Tainan to be Exact)

The grass is always greener right? What are some of the cons to down south life? I don’t want to guess them myself. I may end up down there at some point in the near future. So what do they be?

The pros to me seem to be lower costs of living, housing prices lower, ability to have a car (and enjoy it), nicer weather…

If there is already a down south thread, kindly point me in that direction. I don’t remember seeing it before.

According to Tainan Cowboy, the place doesn’t exist. :wink:

Damn 6 minute traffic jams are really annoying. :unamused:
You, well, I, can go for days at a time and not see another waiguo. :astonished:
Very good Chilean Cabernet costs NT$250 a bottle…good grief! :raspberry:
One has to go all the way to Kaioshiung, which can take an entire 90 minutes, to get to an International airport.
They say that A-Bian was shot here…jury is still out on that one.
There are pubs that charge NT$350 for a large pitcher of draft beer…the nerve of them!
The same places also have the cheek to offer 600ml bottles of Taiwan Beer for NT$60…outraegeous…and they give you free snacks at the same time…and expect you to eat those snacks…pure cheek…

These are just some of the terrible things reported about

Of course all of this is rumor…about a place that doesn’t really exist. :sunglasses:

Honey! Pack a bag, we’re off to Tainan, there’s gold in them there pubs!


I’m still debating the move as well. I was living there when I had first arrived to Taiwan and remember it as a sleepy place compared to Taipei. A couple of places to party. 2 gyms one Alexander (Underground) and another called Muscle (10th or 12 floor of a Mitsukoshi) but both were tiny places to train.

People seem to be much friendlier down there and I figured that if I move down there and have an itch to go to a bigger nightclub, I’ll hop on the train after work and boot it on up to Taipei for the weekend.