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wanna come visit? I can borrow you a freeride bike, no prob.


I don’t think I’ll have time now, we’ve got a fairly hectic plan going on. We’re going to visit Innsbruck and Neuschwanstein Castle, do you live anywhere near there? I thought you lived in FRA? Actually planning to drive through Maribor but my wife and I agreed that taking a bike would create a lot of headaches as we’re taking about seven flights on this trip. It’s all crammed in because I only have a month off and we’re going to my parents’ house for ten days and also hoping to get back in time to go to Palau.

I got some good news though, it should be ready the day before we leave - great birthday present for me!

I appreciate the offer though!


Now there’s a Jung Fu Gong MTB facebook page we should be able to know about upcoming DH races well before time.

This is the page for X ride 5 - which obviously didn’t take place in Taichung a few weeks ago, that must have been another race.

Sunday 25th September, 8:30am.

I’m down FO SHO!


Hey Guys,

I recently built myself a STP and can’t wait to use the damn thing. I see Jaame you’ve done yourself the same thing :wink:. I really want to hit up some tracks and/or jumps. How do I get into this scene with you guys? Unforutunately no car or scooter…just my bike and my 2 legs and I live in Neihu. I’d like to meet up if at all possible to ride. And at the very least, please give me some info on how to get to some of the dirt jumping spots or trails…I NEEd to put this bike to actual good use haha.

Thanks all


just my bike and my 2 legs and I live in Neihu[/quote]

with a STP you can have a go at the new skatepark in Nangang

Or take the MRT to XinBeiTou and ride up the graveyard. There are so many trails there, you’ll probably meet the locals soon. Would love to join once, but it seams I don’t have a bike in Taiwan anymore.


Hey Pommes,

Thanks for the quick reply. Yeah I already plan on hitting that park along with the Neihu park. THose are the easy things to get to. I also do want to venture to the trails so I’ll look into the MRT method to Xinbeitou. I appreciate the feedback meng. Why don’t you have a bike anymore?


I don’t live in Taiwan, just visit and borrow bikes when I’m there. But it seems that they’re all sold, send to the press or taken apart.


wipes saliva from mouth my God man. Sick!

btw, would you know where this place is by any chance? … 10/DJ8.jpg looks rather nice!


btw, would you know where this place is by any chance?[/quote]

No - maybe you can ask the admin (he’s got a Flickr account as well) and tell me - looks sweet.
However, I don’t want to get my hopes up. For some reason, most good trails are in the south.


yeah i saw on pinkbike about those guys who built the jumps in the south. wish we had that up here in TP. some guy told me about zhou mei bridge having a pumptrack so i’ll check that out when weather permits. either way, i’ll let you know when/if i find it :wink:


The track is right next to the bike path under Zhoumei bridge. If you head north toward Danshui, you’ll first pass the big chimney of the garbage incinerator on your right and then you’ll come to the track on your left after a big new bridge that’s still under construction. Can’t miss it.


thanks a lot Incubus for the directions. i’ll check that out when the freakin rain stops! anyone wanna meet and ride some time?


NikoStar, my advice is read through the early pages of this thread and you’ll find maps to the Taoyuan Jung Fu Gong area where I ride, the BeiTou pumptrack, the speedtrap and possible the Wu Zhu Shan trails. Also if you use facebook you should contact TeamFreeBike (the same guys who run the FlowMTBStyle mag), they’re based in Taipei and a couple of them are Aussie educated fluent Englishers. I think they generally ride the places where Pommes said. My STP has been retired, I’ve just put my new Corsair Konig together and it’s bloody nice - it’s going to be a weapon for the mini DH courses we have here.

MIssed the flight to London yesterday but getting my new rig up and running was a great birthday gift in its place!

Props to Plasmatron, who runs the best bike shop I’ve been to in Taiwan, possibly the world. Thanks for your help big lad!

I took the new sled out this morning just for an hour because it was wet and shitty but did one run of the Taoyuan DH course and it was like riding a sofa on the bumpy bits. It’s a really low bike, I think I need to add a bit of air to the rear shock to get it to ride a bit higher in the travel, the rubber band travel indicator is off the end of the shaft now, but I never actually felt it bottom out. The response from the guys there was very positive, it’s a sick looking bike, that’s for sure.


If anyone is interested in being photographed riding at the pump track in Beitou or elsewhere in the taipei area, let me know. I’ve got a few ideas I want to try but need some volunteer riders.


Yeah I’ve contacted Andrew but I assume he’s a busy guy. Still waiting on the answer to some questions, but no biggie. Hope to find these tracks and trails and hit em’ up. Still looking forward to some jumps the most though. Thanks for the info meng


Pommes- unfortunately that picture I mentioned to you was taken down by the govt :frowning: all well.


@Nikostar: I’ll let you know next time we go ride. I’m riding with lots of different guys on most Taipei trails almost every week. I’m currently hitting the trails in the alps and will be back in TW from Aug 1st.


Roel…riding in teh Alps…and you’re coming back to TW? Dude, stay there haha. That must be mad fun. Anyway, sure, please hit me up. It’d be great to meet you all. Thanks!


First time at Nangang park today. Really nice place! But…it was my first time doing any park/jumps in my life, and that shit is scary. How do you guys get over the fear and just hit the jumps hard? Did it take a while to get 360’s and manuals, etc?



in my experience, first learn manual and bunny hop. (anywhere)
Jumps take a while; 360ies takes years to commit. Don’t feel frustrated; a good 360 is far more difficult then lets say… a backflip.